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Halcyon Aeronaut 30 - floppy when partially filled?

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    Halcyon Aeronaut 30 - floppy when partially filled?

    I can’t decided between the Ballistic and Halcyon fabrics! I love Halcyon but am worried that the A30 will look/be too floppy if only 1/4 or 1/2 filled as I plan to use it to carry my kids’ stuff when visiting friends or family for the day.

    Any advice on how Halcyon works when filled with only a few things for a “haul stuff to someone’s house” type of outing? Depending on where we are going, it could be a few changes of clothing, tooth brushes, water bottles, and small snacks. Maybe a few pull ups. That kind of thing. My current kids bag is a zippered Jujube tote that gets really crammed in and then I usually bring an extra bag for the overflow or “just-in-case I end up bringing stuff home” situation.

    Eventually, I’ll use the A30 for air travel as well, but that would be it’s secondary usage but primary reason for acquisition.


    Update: So, I’ve been doing a little research and an empty Halcyon A30 looks non-floppy in photos, but sometimes looks collapsed inward in videos (almost flattened). Are the photos and videos staged to look a particular way?
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    I often pack the A30 in Halcyon/Dyneema without filling it up all the way. I find that a rolled up windbreaker or other light item, such as a soft shawl, helps pad out the middle and hold its shape. It might be that you are such an efficient packer that the internal contents are very compact, so perhaps letting the contents fill up the space would help?


      The Halcyon version does squish down a little when it's under packed, but I don't find any issue with that. Sometimes I use it in backpack mode and leave the top pocket empty so I can flatten it and have the bag appear smaller.


        Have you considered the Brain Bag? It’s actually got a larger capacity at 36 liters but it can be cinched down nicely with the side straps. Also, as the kids grow, so does their stuff. It’s the most used bag in our house.
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          What about a different backpack or a Pop Tote if you're not carrying so much stuff?


            So, I decided to go with the ballistic fabric for the Aeronaut 30 because I don’t plan on using the backpack straps that often so weight becomes less of an issue. But then I got thinking, the Yeoman duffel bags might work....

            I picked up a small Yeoman duffel and packed it up for a day outing to a friend’s place. My stuff was a perfect fit albeit it on the small side. The thing I love about the Yeoman duffel is that it’s so versatile, I can see myself using it for all sorts of scenarios. And now I want to get them in medium and large as a replacement for falling apart gym bags (the small is too small for my son’s karate gear).

            Thank you to everyone for their suggestions! It helped my rethink what I really needed. The Aeronaut 30 seems to be a great bag, but too much “bag” for what I needed it for.