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Synapse 19 - Pouch for bottom front pocket?

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    Synapse 19 - Pouch for bottom front pocket?

    I have a new Synapse 19 which I am using for every day carry. I am using, and plan to use, the bottom front pocket for stuff that I need to carry every day, but don't necessarily need to see every day, like charging cords, dongles, etc. I've tried a number of small bags which I fill up with this stuff and then place it in the pocket, such as a small Eagle Creek packing cube and a small REI pouch. They are fine, but not great. I would prefer to use something from Tom Bihn, but not sure what might work best. I was thinking about possibly the 3DOC or even the First Aid/Second Aid pouch, but it is not clear to me what might fit best. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Side effect fits well, but without much room to spare - get a halcyon one as these seem to fit better than the 1050 ballistic in my halcyon S19.
    Also consider the small snake charmer. Don't think it would fit if stuffed full but otherwise it works.
    Alternatively, I can fit a 3DOC and a size 1 stuff sack in that pocket.

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      Originally posted by gqb View Post
      Alternatively, I can fit a 3DOC and a size 1 stuff sack in that pocket.
      I would suggest either gqb’s idea or two Cubelets.

      FWIW, my S19 bottom pocket contains:

      * Mini Q-Kit (charger and cable)
      * Cubelet (essentials: minor first aid, emergency blanket, headlamp, etc.)
      * Behind the cubelet, a Buff wrapped over a Heroclip
      * Depending on the weather, either an Eagle Creek mini stuff sack holding long underwear or an Equinox pouch holding shell gloves and a rain skirt
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        I use a 3D Org Cube in mine, but the small snake charmer does work well too.


          I have a small snake charmer for mine, which fits like it was made for that pocket.


            I find that a Travel Stuff Sack size 1 fits great for holding and corralling cables and small stuff in the "chin" pocket of the Synapse 19. There is still space left over for two more Travel Stuff Sacks in size 1, or you can do as I did and put larger stuff loose in the same pocket like a folded up hat and gloves.

            I have also used a Small Snake Charmer which I love to use in larger bags, but if it gets pretty full it's a tight fit for the chin pocket.

            I do like many of the little REI travel products that they make but they seem to refresh or discontinue their products often so I hate to tell people to buy some only to see that they get changed next season. The Eagle Creek "Pack It Specter Quick Trip" would be a good option to try, because it has great organization but when it is full it gets as fat as a packed Small Snake Charmer... but more round.


              The 3D Organizing Cube is the perfect size for the S19 bottom pocket.