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Bag Advice - Bag to fit this stuff, inside the synapse

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    Bag Advice - Bag to fit this stuff, inside the synapse

    See the attached image with my GoPro gear. I would ideally like to be able to throw all this in a bag (Side Effect, Travel Cubelet, Side Kick, or other?), which I could either use on its own, or throw it inside my Synapse 25.

    I'm struggling with the length of my Stabilizer (next to the ruler) which is 12" in length. Seems to me that it wouldn't fit in most of those bags mentioned? Or, would it fit if it were angled across? Or maybe there's a different, better bag?

    If there isn't a good option, another thought I had was I could put the stabilizer in the water bottle pocket of my S25 (it just fits) and then everything else in the aforementioned bag...?

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Click image for larger version

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    This looks like a job for a size 4 stuff sack!
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      Originally posted by kieri View Post
      This looks like a job for a size 4 stuff sack!
      I bet it would also fit in a packing cube shoulder bag.

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        These things would fit easily inside a shoulder bag


          It might fit into a Snake Charmer, though the ruler might be tight.


            Side Kick has an 11" diagonal, _no_ way that 12-inch thing fits in there. Size 4 Stuff Sack maxes out at 10.2", and while it's open-top, everything else is going to be juggled disorganizedly inside. Packing Cube backpack would work, and there is some organization (meaning, there are 2 compartments), but if it's inside of something else, access to the lower compartment would be restricted. A good option for bag-in-bag would be a Freudian Slip (its Medium Cafe variety is again only 11" high, but it's open-top and has a good selection of pockets), but it wouldn't be usable on its own.

            In general, I find Side Kick a passable bag-in-bag, so if you do leave that stabilizer outside of it, it could work both on its own and inside another backpack. Its Gatekeeper webbing loops could allow you to find a way to attach the stabilizer outside (the feasibility of this would depend on what kind of attachment options your stabilizer has). Or if you are willing to forego using this bag on its own, a Freudian Slip always inside your Synapse would work. I find the Freudian Slip a better "bag-in-bag" than the SideKick due to better accessibility of things you put into it.
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