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Has anyone tried the s19 internal frame sheet in an S25?

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    Has anyone tried the s19 internal frame sheet in an S25?

    Has anyone tried the s19 internal frame sheet in an S25? I have both backpacks and am wondering if I can get away with just one internal frame between the two. I know this question has been asked on other threads -but I cannot find where anyone answered - so thought I would ask before I bought the smaller size. Thanks

    Hi @spcanf,

    I'd say that the s19 internal frame sheet is not a good substitute for the Synapse 25. It is both too short and not as wide as the S25 frame sheet, and personally speaking, if I could only afford to get one internal frame sheet for use with my Synapse 19 and Synapse 25, I'd get the S25 frame sheet and do without for my Synapse 19. Again, that may depend on both your usage and typical carry, but my opinion is that you'll see the biggest difference for your Synapse 25, and by getting the S19 frame sheet with the idea of using it for the Synapse 25, you basically throw away that optimization.

    There are some pictures that compare the two different size Synapse frame sheets when placed in the Smart Alec -- which really would require a different design that is specifically optimized for its shape, since the S25 frame is a bit too long, and the S19 frame ends 2 inches short of the bottom of the bag, as well as being narrower overall than the S25 frame.

    I'll quote my post in answer to one of the queries about using the Synapse frames in a Smart Alec -- it points to a link to another thread about the Limited Edition Guides Edition Synapse 25 (now sold out) that has more pictures of all the Synapse models, but the pictures I excerpt may give you an idea of the differences in the two Synapse frames. You should also recall that the shape of each frame sheet is slightly curved to follow the natural curve of your back. (The default setting works pretty well for me, but you have the ability to adjust the curvature fit more exactly). This is going to be slightly off if you try to match the shorter S19 frame hung from the top of the longer Synapse 25.

    Originally posted by moriond View Post
    I just added some pictures of how both the Synapse 25 frame and the Synapse 19 frame look inside the Smart Alec in the Guides Edition Synapse 25 and its two siblings thread.

    There's an additional picture and more text discussion in my post (#20) in that thread, but here are the two most relevant pictures:

    Top picture shows the S25 frame pushed down as far as possible to the bottom of the Smart Alec. There's no room to hook the frame into the webbing loops. In fact, you can't easily see where the webbing loops should attach to the frame, because the black attachment part that normally gets pulled up (see second picture with S19 frame mounted) shows up against the black backing of the frame -- just so you can see where the zipper teeth lie. The frame is not exactly centered, so that you can use the black Annex clip on the left to judge the position of the S25 frame in comparison with the S19 frame.

    The S19 frame is pulled out to maximum extent, and there is still about 2" between the bottom of the frame and the bottom of the bag. You can also see that the S19 frame is narrower than the S25 frame, and that both of them are not as wide as the rectangular back of the Smart Alec.


    Hopefully other forum members can add details of their experiences -- or maybe post pictures that directly address the fit of the S19 frame sheet in the Synapse 25 and how it feels compared to using the correctly sized S25 frame.




      I just tried this and it kind of works, but not as well as the S25 sheet. It's better than no frame sheet, at least.

      First off, here is a comparison of the two frame sheets:

      The S25 sheet goes a lot further down in the bag. The extra length of the S25 sheet makes a difference, considering you'll likely be putting the biggest/heaviest stuff at the bottom of the pack. First image is the S25 frame sheet, second is the S19 frame sheet.

      I stuffed the bag full of towels with both sheets installed. The S19 sheet prevents the back of the pack from curving at the top, but you don't get the support at the bottom. So the weight distribution against your back gets thrown off. The bag also ends up being kind of misshapen, because it's more rigid in the top part. Again S25 sheet on top:

      And from the front:

      Hope this helps.