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Dolomites 8 days

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    Dolomites 8 days

    I'll be doing a 8 day hike in the Dolomites w/luggage transfer between lodging. I'll be packing about 3 changes of hiking clothes, down jacket, shoes, and a few post-hike outfits. I'm looking at both the Yeoman duffle (Medium or maybe Large which might be too big) or the A45. I'll be stuffing this inside a larger checked suitcase on our US to Venice flight, until we hit the Dolomites part of our trip where I will only take the duffle or aero). Right now I have a Red Oxx Safari PR5 and it's just too heavy. Works great as sole carryon but heavier than I want for something to stuff in larger suitcase. Any thoughts or recommendations between the two bags I'm looking at? Thanks! Sandra

    To put it into perspective:

    - a standard carry-on rollaboard is about 22 liters
    - a safely sized carry-on bag is about 35 liters
    - a maximum sized carry bag is about 45 liters
    - generously sized overhead compartments may easily hold 60-75 liters per passenger on certain planes (Jetblue, I'm looking at you!)

    I really like using various packing cubes and other organization, so a simple duffel works well for me. In your situation I would find the Yeoman Medium to be the most reasonable size. I think that the Yeoman Large to be unnecessarily large *unless* I was carrying bulky gear like hiking boots, a tent, or a sleeping bag. And depending on your tent/sleeping setup, Large might not be large enough.

    When I rode a supported bike ride in the Rockies I took a 120-liter duffel and it was just right - spare clothes for the ride, town clothes for base camp, tools for my bike, some spare bike parts (tubes and tires), and all of the camping equipment I needed to camp out. And a little extra overflow space in case I wasn't too careful to pack neatly.

    You might find the A45 more preferable if you like extra pockets to organize extra stuff like shoes or small, easily lost stuff like charger cables and a headlamp.


      Thanks carrot. I agree the Large duffle will be too big. I won't be carrying a tent, sleeping bag, or any cooking gear. I'll only be packing clothing (2-3 hiking bottoms, 2-3 tops, rain jacket and down jacket, sandals, first aid kit, and snacks. Maybe the A30 would be more comparable to the medium duffle. I'll check compare the volume specs. Thanks for the feedback.


        Sounds like a wonderful trip!
        I would recommend the A45, but I don't own a yeoman.

        On the trail, I recommend a hiking pack with a weight-bearing belt. The Dolomites are serious mountains (think Rockies rather than Appalachians). I don't know where you are staying, but I loved the food in the refuges. And one of them, Fuchade, has one of the best restaurants I have ever experienced. Check the weather before you go: high summer can be very hot (take water), but in Spring it can stay cool in the mountains.