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Backpack strap placement

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    Backpack strap placement

    I just received a new S25 (non-Halcyon) and the straps don't seem comfortable to me unless I cinch them tightly to narrow them up. Even then, they're not super co fortable. I wonder if it's because the straps are not broken in yet or if the placement is just too wide for me. I'm relatively petite (5'2") and I know the S25 was designed for taller people, but the ability to carry a little more appeals to me.

    The straps on my A30 seem much more comfortable and appear to be placed more closely together.

    I don't see specification on width of strap placement, but remember a discussion of older Synapse backpacks having straps place more closely together. Does this sound familiar?

    I'm trying to decide if I can live with the S25 strap placement or if I should return the bag. Any thoughts or advice is welcome!

    Have you tried using the sternum strap?

    Before you give up, trying test loading with a fairly heavy pack with the heavier items low and towards your back... cinch the straps so that the bag is high on your back and use the sternum strap pretty high up your chest
    Then fiddle with it all and see what happens when you make adjustments...

    Im a 5'4" female and pretty much need to use a sternum strap - regardless of the pack company - to keep the shoulder straps situated comfortably
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      Thank you for that suggestion. I do cinch the straps with the sternum strap and it helps, but the straps still dig into my armpits a bit. I have another well-used S25. It’s a bit more comfortable which I think may be due to the fact that the straps have softened up a bit. I measured the strap placement distance on the S25 and the A30. The placement is closer together on the A30, which seems to make it a more comfortable pack to carry.