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Western Flyer and Stowaway - Ballistic or Halcyon?

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    Western Flyer and Stowaway - Ballistic or Halcyon?

    Hey there!! Been a long time since I've posted around here as I haven't been traveling much and haven't been in the market for any new TB bags (until now).

    I have had many TB bags in the past (Tri-star, Aeronaut 30, Aeronaut 45, Western Flyer (old version without backpack straps), Pilot, co-pilot, etc, etc...).

    I was wondering what your guys opinions are for the WF and Stowaway... Since I'm asking about two bags I have a list of questions for each bag below...

    Western Flyer:
    • Halcyon or ballistic pros/cons? (I had the tri-star previously in dyneema but found it to be too floppy when not packed full and similarly I had the Aeronaut 30 in ballistic and found it harder to pack because it was a bit too rigid)
    • Will a halcyon western flyer stand up on it's own if not packed full?

    • Based on specs there isn't much of a weight savings between ballistic and halcyon, are there any practical benefits between ballistic or halcyon or just aesthetics?
    • Seems like there is a bunch of padding in this bag which should help the bag hold its shape better, in the halcyon fabric will the bag hold it's shape well even if empty?

    Mostly I just wanted opinions on these two bags which fabric is better suited to the bag and why... Most of my TB bags have been in the older dyneema so I don't have any experience with the newer halcyon but I assume that it's very similar.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards getting halcyon for both the Western Flyer and Stowaway but please let me know if you have any reasons why I should consider ballistic! Thanks!

    Have had both a halycon and ballistic WF and prefer the ballistic. The halycon is too floppy especially when underpacked and won't stand on its own. The ballistic also looks more professional in my opinion depending on the color than the halcyon as mine is used for 1 bag business travel. There is a bit more give in the halycon so its a bit more "packable" than the ballistic. I don't find the weight difference to be significant between the two when fully packed.

    No exp with the stowaway.


      Thanks for that!! Good to know that the WF in halcyon will likely have the same issues I had with the tri star. Will probably go for the ballistic in the WF because I really didn't like how the TS felt when it wasn't packed full. For stowaway I'm actually now leaning towards the ballistic after seeing that it's 525...