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How the age of bags or time affects them

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    How the age of bags or time affects them

    Hi all,
    As the bags age how does the age affect them? Assuming kept away from sunlight and stored well, how do the materials hold up over time? For example, will the water resistant coating that is applied to the fabric deteriorate with age? Is Halcyon more susceptible to this than cordura and ballistic? How about the foam used in the bags? How does the age of the foam affect it? Will plastic harden and get brittle?

    This is assuming bags are 10 , 20, or even 30 years old?

    I don’t own anything in the 10+ range but having haunted ebay looking for items in Zest Halcyon I can tell you older products hold up extremely well. You’ll see bags from the 80s and 90s pop up because people are tired of having them and they’re looking for something new. I’ve been an active TBer for years, I use the heck out of my gear and everything looks brand new. Even the nordic pcsb with the broken front zipper I keep forgetting to send in for repair. At the moment it’s my sad reminder of what happens when you stop paying attention and shut you car door with a zipper pull caught inside. *sadface*


      I can't say for anything at 10 years but I have had my Synapse 19 for 4 years which is probably young - but it looks great. Mine is a Codura bag and it's orange. If I look it, it is dirty but that's dirt. and that's my fault. Apart from being dirty it has held up very very well. The shape is the same as before. I've stuff it a lot too. My work had given me a really huge 15 inch laptop which looked and felt like it was from 2005. And even after I stuff it with that, it held up well.

      As I said, only issue is the dirt and perhaps the water treatment. But I feel you can spray some more treatment and you're good to go.


        I have a 7 year old imago (ballistic exterior / lightweight cordura interior) and it’s held up shockingly well. it hasn’t been my EDC for about 18 months (switched to a sidekick, easier on the back), but I have dragged it along for thousands and thousands of miles of travel and everyday schlepping. it looks nearly as good as the day I got it.

        my most heavily used halcyon bags are looking slightly more weathered in spots where the water-resistant side is exposed, but overall still are holding up very well. how much they’re used seems to be more of a factor than age (save for the urethane clouding in some items)
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          My BB (navy cordura) is six years old, has probably close to one million airline miles on it, over 600 flight segments, and it looks the same as the day I got it. I don't baby it, it gets thrown under the seat most of the time on the plane, I walk most of the time when I'm traveling so it's constantly in the weather, and it's just bulletproof.


            I have a four-year-old, black ballistic/UV Side Effect which, until recently, has been my constant companion. (damn you, Travel Cubelet!). It was my daily carry and my seatmate on trips, whether by car or plane. When I left the house, I was wearing my SE. The ballistic has worn to a wonderful texture that reminds me of leather. The outside still looks pristine. The only noticeable signs of aging is the weatherproof coating below the zippers. If you flip the top inside out, you can see the coating wearing away. That's the only thing I notice about the bag. Everything else is awesome! I just need to be kind to my old friend and take SE it out for an errand or trip.

            Click image for larger version

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              I know there was a thread asking for pics of older bags, but I'm afraid I can't seem to come up with the right search term combo to find it.

              I've got bags going back nearly 10 years, many of them ridden way hard, and so far the only age issues I've encountered is the weatherproof coating issue Sujo mentions above. My Side Effect hasn't gotten much wear, but that coating is turning color and peeling. (Can't recall if the same happening on the Side Kicks.) Otherwise, I can say that 9-year-old Cordura gets much softer over time, but still looks good, as does 5ish year old ballistic. (I probably should've re-done the waterproof coating on the Cordura 1-2 years ago, but I'm only now getting up the guts to do it. But while the waterproofing isn't what it used to be, rain doesn't just soak through it either.)


              Originally posted by TRD View Post
              I don’t own anything in the 10+ range but having haunted ebay looking for items in Zest Halcyon I can tell you older products hold up extremely well. You’ll see bags from the 80s and 90s pop up because people are tired of having them and they’re looking for something new.
              This is a great point. Bags long discontinued regularly show up on eBay, and even if you grant some element of illusion to photos vs what you'd see in person, many still look darn impressive for their age and usage.
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                There was actually a post yesterday about a woman whose son has had a brain bag for the last twelve years and it's in great condition and gets used for everything.


                Also from 2015 someone wrote on having the bag for 15 years with pics.


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