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What shade of TB hunter/foresty green was the Cafe Bag made in?

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    What shade of TB hunter/foresty green was the Cafe Bag made in?

    I've been taking a deep dive (through the forum and Google) into TB foresty green colors/materials, particularly relating to Cafe Bags, and while I think I've figured out the answer, I could use some historical memory please. I'm trying to determine what shade(s) of hunter/foresty green TB made Cafe Bags in.

    My fave choice color-wise is the age-old shade Hunter, but I'm pretty sure it was only ever made in heavy-duty ballistic (not Cordura). So am I correct in assuming that no Hunter Cafe Bags were ever made?

    Second preferred is the bluer dye lot of Forest -- but again, I'm pretty sure it was only ever made in heavy-duty ballistic, so am I correct that it, too, was never made into Cafe Bags?

    Finally, there was Conifer -- which did indeed exist in Cordura, and I've found evidence that Ristrettos were once made in Conifer. So am I correct in deducing that Cafe Bags were indeed made in Conifer?

    (Alas, I prefer the bluer tones of Hunter and Forest to the more neutral Conifer, but I also recognize it's better to search for a white whale that actually exists!)

    The one photo I can find that proves a hunter/foresty green Cafe Bag did exist contains no identifying info unfortunately, but it is from the old Portable Culture tag era:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	61b4674d466fec5c40c4d148e1ff916e.jpg
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    Any insight much appreciated!

    Yes, indeed, you are correct. Ballistic fabric, like Hunter and Forest, have never been used in café bags. That color is Conifer which is cordura. I do know the S19 and FJN were also made in Conifer. Not sure what other items came in color. I'm sure @moriond would have that info. Her memory is amazing.

    Here is a picture of my small café bag.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Conifer SCB.jpg
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    Seeking Solar shop bags and Solar packing cube shoulder bag Also coveting an Iberian Synapse or Copilot


      Fabulous. Thanks so much, @pammy! That all seemed likely, but I couldn't shake the fear that there might have been an uber-ballistic Cafe Bag made at some point that I'd missed or forgotten.

      What a fine looking bag!


        Conifer! I have a conifer Synapse. It seems like such a quintessential Seattle/TB color.