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Maker's Bag as a messenger bag?

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    Maker's Bag as a messenger bag?

    I've been trying out briefcases/slings recently, and enjoying them. Something smaller than a bagpack makes me pack less for the summer and is easier to handle in the bus etc...

    I was thinking about the Cadet, but it seems too tall to be really easy to carry on my bag. It also seems fairly thin, while I carry a folded (er... more bunched-up) rainjacket and a superlight hoody at all times.
    The Maker's Bag, however, seems deep enough to handle these (it's in fact deeper than the Topo Design Briefcase I've been using).

    My laptop is a 14", I think it'd fit in the maker's bag, while all those side pockets are PERFECT for small accessories (earphones, cables) and chargers.

    Which of you are using a Maker's Bag as an Everyday Carry/commute bag?
    Is anyone using it as a proper messenger bag, slung on their bag vs. as a briefcase? Is it too deep/thick for that, or does it work well?


    I use it every day packed for work. It is large enough to hold bulkier items like a jacket, large water bottle or lunch.

    I think it works fine like a briefcase on my shoulder or like a messenger bag slung over my head and resting on my back.

    I recommend the absolute strap. It is really comfortable.


      I use my maker's bag as a messenger, generally when I'm attending conferences. I don't carry a laptop, however, but there is room. I like that it will stand up on its own, the extra pockets are great for misc items. I like the zipped pocket on the inside for wallet, other items I'd rather have more secure. The only downside is that there is no zipper on the main compartment. I have the black halcyon, which looks fabulous, but might be a little floppy if you're carrying a laptop everyday.

      If you're not adverse to still using a backpack, you might consider a Daylight Backpack, although I'm not sure what's the largest laptop it would hold. It's 16.5 L vs 12.5 for the Maker's Bag. I end up using it more often than my Maker's Bag. The straps are comfortable and it has tiered pockets on the interior.


        You didn't ask about the Daylight Briefcase, but I can't say enough about it. Fits a 14" laptop (mine is a Lenovo 460T) with basic neoprene sleeve just fine, with plenty of room for a bunch of other stuff. I always seem to be able to cram in something else, but on the other hand it's also great if you just have a lighter load like a book and two pens. Particular if you're already doing an order to try something out, I encourage you to check out the Daylight too.
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          The Daylight is too similar to my Topo Design Commuter briefcase. It's also tighter (while the Maker's Bag is deeper) and has more pockets on the outside, which I dislike.
          The Daylight backpack is... well, another backpack, of which I have WAY too many and unfortunately, I find Tom Bihn's backpacks poorly designed for my tastes and usage (see my S25 thread).

          Looking further into it, the reason I like these bags (the 2 slings and the Topo Design briefcase) is that they have a strap I can shorten/lengthen at will. Neither of the Tom Bihn bags would have this, which prevents their usage as a messenger (I carry my bags on my bag, not to my side, and tightly coupled to me). Though I could always re-use the Commuter's shoulder strap... mhmm.


            I use the Makers bag as a messenger. I have one for school related stuff (books, notebooks, tablet, and various day to day), and I also have one that I use for weekends (books, quilting supplies, and several notebooks and journals).
            I just took my MB on a trip to Seattle and used it around town carrying purchases and tourist stuff and it worked out better than I thought because it was the perfect size for everything (including produce from Pike Place Market).
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