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Black vs Deep Blue Synapse 25

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    Black vs Deep Blue Synapse 25

    I think I've made up my mind...I'm going to get a Synapse 25. I currently have the 19 in orange, which I got about 4 years ago. I love it, but I'm tired of the orange colour and it's faded a bit.

    I'm definitely going with a wasabi interior, and I've already ordered a Deep Blue Daylight backpack. Which has a grass interior. I know some people dislike this but I think it will be a cool combo. I think Blue and Wasabi will be an even cooler combo.
    But here's the thing - my orange one faded generally (not lots just a bit).
    - how much will the deep blue fade?
    - how easily can you notice dirt? you can totally notice dirt on the orange one. I've cleaned it by hand twice with no massive benefit (some not massive - maybe because it's fading).

    Whilst from photos, the blue looks great, I find the black blends the lines on the synapse more. Thoughts?

    Can't say for sure on the dark blue, but I had an older french blue that didn't fade at all and was about four years old. However, I do not buy black bags for this very reason. I live on the Mississippi gulf coast and everything fades because the sun is so harsh and out all year, but of all colors to have fading it's the black that drives me crazy because it gets this weird tinge to it as it fades. I am probably the wrong person to answer this question because I always stear clear of black. I think the deep blue will look professional while still being a stunning color visually.

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      Thank you so much. That’s v insightful. If the black fades that helps my decision. Going for the deep blue today I think.