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OP for Dr Bronner Bar Soap

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    Those matador bags are great. I got one for my soap and it’s great. A little dry bag for your soap.


      Originally posted by kieri View Post
      I would recommend something like this instead:

      Ok... that looks perfect for my Lush bar shampoo, and I love the other Matador things I have. I just wish that I'd seen your post earlier, because now I don't think this will arrive before I leave on my next trip.

      ETA: buying it anyway, and found that flat brush @xnykid posted, too. Oh, how this forum enables!
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        I bought the Matador flatpack soap bag after the recommendation on here and then watching the videos. Received it yesterday after being gone on a road trip.

        First impression. The material is thinner and more flexible than I expected, though looks durable. The material is thinner than TB 200d halcyon and maybe near aether (no personal experience on that material beyond seeing pictures and comments) The material lets some light through (35%?, hold it up to a outside window with indirect sunlight and you can distinguish straight lines of the window's borders). The snap on the closure seems large for the objective and antagonistic to the design for flat pak minimalist design. It is cordura material as listed in description and constructed with the "welding" instead of stitching. 9/10 received as expected and think it will work well.

        Because free shipping at that site is over $20, I added one of their flatpack toiletry bottles to the order and their Welcome10 discount.. Innovative design. Was easier to fill than I expected. It fits sideways in TB 3DOC-clear. I am guessing it could fit 6 or 7 of these bottles in the 3-1-1 bag 3DCOC totaling 18-21oz of product. The best I could do with other bottles I purchased was 12oz of product max. Again, with their design, they made a slim, minimal design and then added an over sized snapping strap to hang it in a hook that is heavier than the bottle portion. Hopefully a 2.0 version printed the 3oz capacity like they have the logo embossed on the item and leave the strap optional IMO.


          I've been using the Matador soap flatpack for about three months. I like it. Takes up less space than a travel soap case. I've had no problem with leakage. Every now and then I give it a good washing to get rid of any soap residue and let it air dry.

          If the outside gets wet, after sealing, just wipe it down with a towel.

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            I've always used a ziplock sandwich bag for that.

            I guess that's awful for the environment, though, even if I use it long-term.

            Hm. They sell those waxed cotton sandwich wraps at Trader Joe's now...
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              Absolutely love the Matador products, both the flat pack and bottles. I’ve been using them for several months and I highly recommend them.
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                What about a dry washcloth, but hold it shut with a big fat broccoli rubber band? That way you have a multi-use "case."
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