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Re-using Plastic Zipper Pull Ends

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    Re-using Plastic Zipper Pull Ends

    Hello Everyone, Is there anyway to remove the TB plastic ends after you've installed they've been installed on zipper pulls without destroying them? I was planning to swap out my zipper pulls but was hoping I could still find a way to use the old plastic ends in the future.

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    if you look inside the plastic pull (the side the cord comes out of) you'll see (recessed inside) the end of the male tab - looks like a rectangle... I usually use a thin flathead screwdriver to gently push against that tab and it will pop out/unlock so you can pull them apart.
    Avoid using a things that are too pointy as it will just gouge the tab and not open it.
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      I have used G42's method with the flathead screwdriver and it worked just fine. Here is a thread about it with others weighing in on their methods and some helpful pictures.

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        I've pulled them off with a pair of pliers without damage in the past. The secret is to pry gently to one side instead of trying to pull straight out. They'll release with minimal pressure once you pull to one side, then you can pull them apart.


          Yes, I do that all the time. I have changed pull colors so often, mine have probably been re-used 4-5 times. They are very sturdy! The video posted is probably the safest way to do it, I was using a butter knife and prying from the top part to pull them apart.