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    Originally posted by Kaadk View Post
    Ok, well, my attempts to convince the family to road trip our next trip fell flat on my face. We've now got flights booked. I've warned the wife that her instance on flights might result in my insistence on getting a new bag. So, I'm back to looking at bags again. It might just be the spitefulness of not getting my way, but I'm leaning towards just getting the A45, since I've always wanted one anyways, now I just need to make the decision between 1050 and 525. Actual weight wise it's about the same, so no difference there. Has there been any 'durability' differences, or are they basically just as durable?
    Basically just as durable - the A45 seems to be a bit more luminous (the 1050 really reflects light in a way that the 525 doesn't), but from a durability perspective, they are equals. I think Darcy has said that the 1050 will most likely be going away in the future.
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