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Laptop cache win an older Brain Bag

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    Laptop cache win an older Brain Bag

    I have a cache that fits in my Smart Alec, but my older Brain Bag doesn't have the cache style mounting loops. Is there a work around for this?

    I just bought the replacement hooks and had my tailor sew them into the bag.


      Assuming that your older Brain Bag uses the Annex Clips, you might try one of the hacks that Darcy posted [#7 dated 12-20-2017 in the thread titled Is there a replacement for the 13" Brain Cell?)

      I'll quote/excerpt it here; there's an embedded You-Tube video to demonstrate:
      Originally posted by Darcy View Post
      We experimented with various possibilities for those who want to clip a Cache in a bag that doesn't have rail loops but does have webbing for Annex Clips. And we came up with a few different solutions that we think work pretty well: one for bags that fit the Horizontal Cache and two for bags that fit the Vertical Cache (the spacing of the Cache rails differs between the horizontal and vertical versions, thus the two different solutions.)

      Note: the following methods are a little difficult to describe in text, so see the very amateur video further below that we made.

      How To Clip a Horizontal Cache To Annex Loop Webbing

      Wiggle one of the Gatekeeper Clips on your Gatekeeper Rail Clip so that it's vertical and slide it through the open loop of webbing meant for the Annex Clip. Then, wiggle the Gatekeeper Clip back to horizontal. This solution works well and looks almost as if it was intended to work this way.

      How To Clip a Vertical Cache To Annex Loop Webbing

      Option #1 Basically just clipping the Gatekeeper Rail Clip on the open loop of webbing meant for Annex Clips. Though the basic functionality here works, the Gatekeeper Rail Clip will be twisted and it's not that elegant of a solution.

      Option #2 If you have one of our backpacks, you probably also have a Gatekeeper Waist Strap. To use this hack, clip the Gatekeeper Clips of your Gatekeeper Waist Strap on the open loop of webbing meant for Annex Clips. Then, unclip the side release buckles of the Gatekeeper Waist Strap, and then reclip them over the rails of your Cache. It basically allows for a Cache with rails system -- without using Gatekeeper Rail Clips.

      What we think is great about these hacks/solutions is that most people will be able to make them work without buying any additional parts or adapters.

      Here's a quick iPhone video we made that demonstrates the options.

      P.S. We do have a few Size 6Z Horizontal Brain Cells left, which would fit your 13" MBP, @ikomrad. If you'd like to order one: [email protected]


      ETA: This was when they still separately sold horizontal and vertical caches -- which I personally prefer to use, given that I already have them. But use the hack for "vertical caches" and attach to webbing that runs "vertically" for the Brain Bag.
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        That worked! I had spare parts on hand to make a strap to bridge the clip slots.