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Has Your S25 Ever Not Worked as a Personal Item or Fit Under the Seat on a Plane?

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    Has Your S25 Ever Not Worked as a Personal Item or Fit Under the Seat on a Plane?

    Hello Everyone!

    I am considering buying an S25 and I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of not having their bag work as their personal item/one bag/under the seat bag on any airlines, especially on international flights? I know that the S25 is slightly bigger in some dimensions than the A30 which I have right now and that only fits under some seats. Thank you for your help in my quest for information!

    Of course I can’t speak to all airlines, but either my and/or Mr. pammy’s S25s have always fit underneath the seat on any flight we’ve taken it on. Never been a problem on any domestic travel. For international travel, it’s flown on Singapore Air, KLM, Finn Air, United, and Delta. But then again, it wasn’t packed to bulging either, and it was used as a personal item, not in a one-bagging situation. Hopefully others will chime in if they have experienced situations where the S25 did not fit underneath.
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      Same here: Used the S25 several times as a personal item on transatlantic flights and all over Europe and it always fit under the seat. I always underpack a little bit though as formally it is too big to count as a personal item.
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        Same here, no problems encountered yet in the US and Europe with my S25.
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          Same for me, never had an issue with the S25.

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            I can not imagine where my feet would go if I tried the S25 under there?

            So while I have never had an issue with an Airline about this,my huge Clown Shoes would not get along with the S25 in their spot either.

            Not the answer you were going for I am sure but still something I can not understand?


              Never, and I have flown on just about every airline. They don’t even look twice typically when it’s a backpack.

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