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Synik 30 as a Personal Item.

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    Synik 30 as a Personal Item.

    Hi all, I just received a Synik 30 so am exploring the possibilities. For the past few years I have been using either a A45/S19 or a BB/Pilot as my Carry-on/Personal item combo with no issues. I am trying to figure out whether I would be able to use the S30 as my personal item.

    The airlines which I use the most specify a personal item size of 17x13x6 while the official dimensions of the S30 are 20x13.4x8 so on the surface it looks too large by about 3” in height and 2” in depth. But I wonder if creative packing of the S30 would give me sufficient leeway to make this work, i.e. removing the internal frame and using the advantages of a slightly underpacked soft sided bag to fit in the airline sizing device.

    Any hands-on experience would be appreciated.

    I had a similar bag (20 inches tall with an internal frame sheet) and did run into an issue once trying to keep it under the seat: that is, nobody said anything during boarding, but the attendant made me move it to the overhead when she saw that it protruded into the foot area and that I couldn't "push it in" another 2 inches since the frame sheet kept it rigid.

    Given that, I think a Synik 30 (or S25) would probably be fine once the frame sheet is removed; the taper at the top should help with getting it to fold down to 17-18 inches tall, and the depth shouldn't be an issue unless you have it way overstuffed.

    (That said, this is my chance to put in another plug for a hypothetical "Synik 26" that would be about 18 inches tall, entirely dodging this discussion. )


      There is a Synik 22/30 FAQ which answers most of my questions about the probable success of using the S30 as a personal item. The only question it doesn’t really answer is whether removing the internal frame will help.


        It definitely depends on exactly which seat you have, but I think a typical seat is likely to be fine.

        I've put my S30 under the seat in front of me. I took the frame sheet out, and it was underpacked, but it fit no problem. I do think the ability to smoosh it shorter helped. I've had other seats that were misaligned or had something interfering with the underseat space where it would not have worked at all, but that's been the exception rather than the rule for me.


          I just had a 3-week work trip where I was on several planes across Europe. My somewhat underpacked Synik 30 fit fine under every airplane seat, and nobody gave me any trouble. (I had essentials in a packing cube in the bottom pocket, just in case!)

          I did have a small suitcase checked, too. I admire all of you one-baggers, but I have a ways to go!
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            I successfully used an underpacked Synik 30 as a personal item and a pretty full A45 as my carryon. I took the frame out of the S30 which effectively knocked a couple inches off its height. Flights were with Air Canada and Westjet (domestic flights with Canada)