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Synik 30 laptop compartment

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    Synik 30 laptop compartment

    Looking at the Synik 30 as I like the inclusion of a laptop compartment, the exterior quick access pockets, and its size, particularly as it's a longer bag and I'm 6' 4". However, I'm surprised by how small the laptop compartment is. Getting a 15" laptop in or out is tricky, requiring a parallel parking-esque maneuver, and the listed stats don't seem to fit all 15" laptops.

    For instance, the maximum laptop dimensions are listed as 14.15” x 9.75” x 0.75”. The Lenovo P1 Gen 2, a 15.6" laptop that work is deploying, is 14.2” x 9.7” x 0.7”, which implies it won't fit in the laptop compartment and - if it did - it's likely to be a struggle to get it in and out. I like the bag, but I'm concerned that the constrained size of the compartment would lead to my bag dictating my choice of laptop. Even the internal access zipper is quite small in terms of dimensions.

    How have current Synik owners with larger laptops handled this?

    Hello, @nil, and welcome to the forums!

    I don't have a Synik 30 nor a large laptop, so I can't comment from personal experience, but the general comment I have heard is that most people who have a laptop that won't fit in the laptop compartment end up putting it in a sleeve (Cache or otherwise) in the main compartment of their Synik (or Synapse, which doesn't have a laptop compartment at all).

    Hopefully some people in your particular situation can comment!


      Welcome @nil!

      The laptop compartment of the SN30 is designed to suspend the laptop off of the floor of the pack, so the whole thing has to be smaller than the ID of the bag, so that's the limiter on how big of a laptop it can carry.
      As @x3n0n mentions, some folks are putting the laptop into the main compartment (in a separate sleeve) and using the built-in sleeve for a smaller second laptop or files or tablets.
      If your laptop doesn't fit into the onboard sleeve and you don't have a strong need to store something else back there, then it is probably not the bag for your use case, given the extra cost & weight vs a Synapse 25 or a Brain Bag.
      I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


        Thanks for the welcome and comments!

        I like the updates on the Synik enough that I'd be likely to keep it over the Synapse even if I couldn't use the laptop compartment, but it does seem like a bit of an excess in terms of the cost increase.

        Using a cache is one option, but my hesitation to use Caches in the past is because laptops change frequently and vary in size between me and my wife, and buying a new Cache per laptop isn't great. There also seems to be some space lost to the addition of a Cache. In the past I've used a bag with a laptop compartment that has worked effectively with laptops ranging in size from 12" to 17", and just being able to drop anything in that pocket and assume it was fine was nice, even if it couldn't afford the same level of protection as the Synik or a Cache.


          I have a Synik 30 and a 15” MacBook Pro. In practice, getting the laptop in the compartment is much easier than it appears on video. It slides in easy and is quick to “tuck” into place. Getting the laptop out, for me, is a hassle and more difficult than it appears on video. It always takes a little tug and a couple of tries to finagle it out of its pouch. I don’t use the internal access as it’s not convenient for me. The MBP is right around 14” and I wouldn’t want to use anything bigger than that in that slot.

          That said, the space between the laptop and the main compartment is essentially a thin padded mesh. It’s not substantial by any means other than for scratch protection. If I used a larger laptop I’d use an inexpensive neoprene sleeve and drop it in the main compartment without hesitation. Floating there in a foam sleeve would give just as much if not more protection than using the built in sleeve, and there’s very little space wasted compared to other packs with dedicated laptop compartments.


            Originally posted by nil View Post
            Getting a 15" laptop in or out is tricky, requiring a parallel parking-esque maneuver
            I consider the parallel parking maneuver just part of the deal. It took a several tries to get comfortable with it, but now I sort of like it. Like completing a puzzle.


              Originally posted by Lia View Post
              I consider the parallel parking maneuver just part of the deal. It took a several tries to get comfortable with it, but now I sort of like it. Like completing a puzzle.
              I like the parallel parking description! Another Synik 30 and 15” Macbook Pro user without any problems, it took a couple of uses to be efficient but now seems instinctive.