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The HLT on an airplane

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    The HLT on an airplane

    I was just reading the product page for the HLT, and when I came to this line: If you find yourself on a plane with a low seat pocket, you can weave the bottom of the carabiner through two thumb loops. It's a bit of a hack, but it means the HLT won't hang as low. (This also works if you're clipping it into the Synik.) Here's a photo of what we're talking about:

    I couldn't see a photo...!

    Is it there, and I'm just not seeing it? If not, could someone a) please fix the product page; and b) please post a picture of what they're talking about, because I can't quite see it in my mind.

    Usually I fumble around in my carryon backpack for stuff, but I like the idea of having something on the seat pocket where I can reach it. I also like the idea of using it as an art supply pouch, or an EDC for my daily walks. I currently use a Travel Cublet for my walks. I leave my Swift in my desk drawer and put essentials into the TC. Despite having a padded shoulder strap, I still get back pain. I have no idea why. I do exercises for my back every day. Maybe I'm just old.

    #2 Here it is. What's holding it in place are the swivel carabiners.