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Problem? Bottom pocket of GE different from reg Sy22?

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    Originally posted by earth5 View Post
    Interesting comment about tolerances. Also, I've found that putting my 13" MBP with touchbar in the GE laptop compartment from the side is MUCH tighter (I have to fight to make the 3-point turn) to the point it scratched the laptop edges noticeably. I also cannot fit it through the inside top pocket, where I can with the regular 22. I figured that'd end up being a separate question if I couldn't figure out how to get the GE to chillout and relax like it's cousin
    I don’t have a problem putting my 13” MBP with toucbar into the laptop pocket using the zipper along the outside or inserting it vertically into the compartment inside of my GE Synik 22. I threw in the ETA (= edited to add) comment about (even) being able to put my old version 13” MacBook Air (that is outside the stated size specs for laptops this bag will accommodate according to the product page) just as a calibration point to indicate that I still do consider the bottom zippered pocket to be a tighter fit than I expect. For me, I’d deem this acceptable, but it’s not the same experience that G42 reports of finding that the HLT1 fits “the same” in both her Deep Blue Synik 22 as in her Wilderness Green Guide’s Edition SN 22.

    As far as manufacturing tolerances go, I think that coming up with designs that are robust against production variations is part of the TB design process, but it can happen. In some of the older Synapses there were variations in how tightly the webbing loops for caches were stitched, so some people reported difficulty using one of the hacks of using a 6” keystrap passed through to suspend a 3D Organizer Cube. (I have a variant that involves using a handle loop, whose strap will pass through the webbing). I have noticed that webbing loops for modular pockets on the outside of the Smart Alec got tighter in the last production batches (for the dark grid 400d Halcyon Smart Alecs in New Black and New Nordic) compared to older model Smart Alecs. I’ve also noticed that laptop cache sizing went to tighter and more exact fits for the designed laptops in more recent years. But in general, I’ve found the product descriptions and information to be very accurate — they amend it based on feedback if any discrepancies are caught.

    However, very so often there may be the occasional bag that doesn’t match specs, and I’m thinking that yours may be one of these. The part about having difficulty inserting your laptop into the designed compartment sounds suspicious; I’m not having any problems with that.