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Bag recommendation primarily work with a laptop

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    Bag recommendation primarily work with a laptop

    I'm looking to get a new back for (mostly) office use. My office (data center) is very casual. Here is what I normally carry:
    • Lenovo Carbon X1 Gen 6 14" / (12.73 x 8.54 x 0.62 or 323.5 x 217.1 x 15.95)
    • Ravpower PD 61w charger
    • A5 size notebook
    • A couple of pens
    • USBC-c dongle (ethernet/cat-5/USB-A)
    • Wireless mouse
    • 10' Ethernet cable
    • Various cables
    • Various papers, occasional magazine (when I travel) etc.
    • 20 oz Yeti tumbler
    • My lunch

    I'm thinking of replacing the Yeti with a larger Hydroflask.

    My current bag is a Everki Urbanite Messenger. I really like all the organization/ pouches, but the water bottle holder is too small and the bag is a bit narrow to put my Yeti inside (it makes it bulge).

    I don't have a strong preference between backpack or briefcase. I just like things organized and easy to find / get at. I like the concept of the Synapse/Synik, but I'm a bit afraid of how papers will store in them. I currently use poly envelopes to keep my papers organized / getting crushed / creased.

    Thanks for any/all suggestions and feedback.

    Freudian Slip would solve the issue for the backpacks with helping to organize papers, smaller items and such. The Pilot could also work as a smaller briefcase given that load out though it doesn't really have a dedicated area for papers and such. The Cadet does have a divider that would help with papers plus std organization for other items.


      Don't really have much to add, except if you're hoping to get a cache for your laptop (I have the same kind) you'll want a size 13A. So theoretically anything that can fit that size of cache should work for you, at least until you factor in the Yeti and lunch.
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        Hi ffeingol and welcome to the forums!

        I mainly use backpacks for similar carry, currently a Synik 30. I am a big fan of the Freudian Slip for additional organization, especially for paper stuff. So if you considering a Synapse or Synik this solution is certainly worth considering (although a bit more expensive).
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