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TB Daylight - can you wear this like a sling?

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    TB Daylight - can you wear this like a sling?

    I'm looking to replace my Decathlon super small packable backpack with another packable backpack to put in my bigger backpack that I use for travel. I'm looking at the TB Daylight.

    One thing I like about my current packable backpack is that I can wear it a little bit more like a sling by putting my head through both shoulder straps, and let it hang from one shoulder. Here are two examples that approach what I mean (I couldn't find an exact image):


    Can someone let me know if this is possible / not possible with the Daylight (of course with light load - like just a water bottle and a jacket in it)? And with not possible I also mean if it makes the backpack look really weird. Thanks!

    I would say no, I don’t think it would lean correctly as a sling. I can try when I get home.

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      I just tried this with my older cordura daylight backpack.
      It is doable but I would say two things:
      1. Depending on your body size you may find the straps too short to use the bag sling style. I wear a 2XL and I find the straps more than long enough for regular backpack carry, but they were borderline too short for sling style carry.
      2. When wearing sling style my bag kinda folded in half lengthways which felt and looked weird. The daylight has no foam to stiffen the back panel, which makes it super foldable, particularly in the more flexible fabrics like cordura (older model) or halcyon.

      I really like the daylight backpack but I don't think I would wear it like a sling often / at all when it is so comfy and easy to access when worn backpack style. I would often just wear it over the shoulder by one strap if I needed frequent access.

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          Ok thanks all! Now to wait until the Halcyon is back in stock