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Bag philosophy: Transport vs Transit

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    I wound up with the Brain Bag AND the tristar...

    Hi all:

    Just a quick THANK YOU for this discussion (across these many years!). For many decades I thought in terms of "portability" and never really broke it out into transit versus transport. I am very grateful for the discussion, as it has helped my decision-making. Here's what I mean:

    After my nice little pacsafe became untenable on airplanes, I started to notice that all the people who work on those planes seemed to follow a similar pattern. As I watched the crew board, I noticed that the pilots in particular seemed to favor bags that looked like oversize briefcases. Why? It then occurred to me that their lives were much like mine... I need one location for a kind of portable office, whether in the air, on the road, or in a hotel. I work in different locations every day and had never broken out the differences between transit and transport. So for whatever it's worth...

    I brought a Brain bag and quickly discovered why Tom Bihn is the best in the world for what it does. Just the same, I also found that the vertical backpack format still doesn't allow the easiest access, even as the BB was the greatest thing that had happened to my travel habits. Based on that, I wound up getting a Tristar. When I am at home, I have a dog near one foot and my Tristar near the other. My Brain Bag is never far away, but so far I'm still favoring the Tristar. No matter the location, I use a TB side effect as a kind of "pod" for easy access to the most essential gadgets: two iphones, their cables, and some Bose earbuds. For hotels, the inexpensive TB travel tray is easily the most worthwhile creation I've ever seen.

    I realize this is all six years too late for the original question, but I wanted to contribute to the discussion, especially since the discussion has contributed so much to my thinking.

    All the best from the Portland Maine area,