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Removing the waist strap?

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    Removing the waist strap?

    I received my Imago (!) earlier this week, but I can't seem to remove the waist strap. I think I see how it's supposed to come out, but I'm having some problems on the more, uh, physical side. Unless I'm doing it wrong, or it's not supposed to be removed.

    Some help? XD

    Ah! Never mind -- took some time and maneuvering (and some sore fingers), but I figured it out.
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    yes, you have to apply some pressure with your fingers .

    i haven't tried, but would it be a bad thing to use a pair of pliers if you place a cloth between the pliers and the clips so that the clips do not get damaged?


      the trick to this is

      push the black plastic parts together while pushing down on the metal spring. If you dont push down on the spring it gets caught on the hook of the black upright. wow it would be easy to show you

      3 step process
      push down on metal spring
      apply pressure to uprights
      release spring

      Hope this helps
      it is tricky


        I was concerned the clip would malform or break, that I was doing it wrong. It took more force than I was comfortable applying, enough I was concerned it would break the clip. The clip did not malform or break. It's stronger than it seemed.
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          Yes, the gatekeepers are tough! We thought twice about using them because they are hard to open/close at first, but they're the best clip for the job and allowed us to put removable waist straps on bags that leave no hardware behind when removed. They're also incredibly secure.

          It is OK to use pliers on them - that should make opening/closing them a snap - just don't be too tough on them.
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