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Durability of Cork fabric?

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    Durability of Cork fabric?

    I'm preordering the Swift in Cork no matter what -- it's beautiful -- but I was wondering about people's experiences with Cork fabric. Have you found it to be durable over the years, even with a bit of bending? How about resistance to abrasion? I'm just curious about what to expect. I don't have any Cork items yet!

    It is gorgeous, isn't it? I'm so excited!

    I can't speak to a large bag, but I've had a cork organizer pouch and carried my iPhone in it for over a year. It still looks great after all that stuffing in and pulling out of my purse, though now it's home to my little Nikon Coolpix camera.

    (Only reason I'm not still using the cork pouch is that my new 3G just had to have the padded pouch instead.)

    I pre-ordered the cork Swift, too. Just too beautiful to pass up even if I don't knit.


      Anyone know how it handles getting wet?


        Anyone know how it handles getting wet?
        Umm... it would float?


          My cork organizer pouch has never gotten wet that I know of. But if you think about another common cork use--closing wine bottles--the corks don't absorb wine, so I would assume that they would be resistant to other liquids too.
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            I have a Small Cork Pouch as a cell phone holder.

            It shows that it had been used in a sense that it has molded itself to the various shapes of the phones used inside it.

            I have used it since the Cork Pouches came out, I planned to keep that Pouch unused but when the eye glasses case that held my cell phone at the time proved to be useless when it was raining, started to warp and the cord that held it to fray, I had no choise but to use the Cork Pouch right away.

            I planned to order a Padded Pouch when they first came out, but the Cork Pouch has proven to be very reliable for all my cell phones, including, my newer smart phone.

            The advantage of the Cork Pouch is that my husband is able to spot it among the plethora of Tom Bihn accessories and bags and other stuff I keep around.

            The Cork Pouch is very soft so it glides inside my Cafe Bags, even my stuffed Small Storm/Sapphire beauty.
            I affixed a fabric novelty lanyard to the Cork Pouch for easy fishing from inside my bags but It would be even more secure if I was able to get one from Tom Bihn. A lanyard made from seatbelt fabric is hard to beat.


              Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Glad to know you've all had positive experiences. I'm really looking forward to my Cork Swift...it will be my first Cork fabric bag.