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Packing cube/backpack combo

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    Packing cube/backpack combo

    Hey folks:

    Maverick: I need one of your videos for this! I got one--but can't see to figure out how to use it as a packing cube! I turned it inside out..but then there are the straps inside in a bunch; and the smaller zippered pouch...If I put stuff in there, it gets really unwieldy. Also did not realize that packed this does NOT fit very well into the Western Flyer. I guess it is meant to be in the Aeronaut? Anyone --any thoughts?

    I did get the Ruck's Sac--based entirely on Maverick's wonderful video which persuaded me more than anything else...and he is right: the amount it holds is unbelievable; and it carries like a charm! I think TB should give a special prize to Maverick for his videos!

    hi shiva,

    thanks for the kind words.

    i haven't tried the packing cube backpack in the western flyer, but it does fit nicely inside of the aeronaut and smart alec.

    because the straps of the packing cube backpack are thin, they lay pretty flat and don't take up a lot of space. similarly, the zippered pocket at the bottom goes inside and doesn't take up much space because the dyneema fabric is so thin.

    i carried 3 changes of clothes (three shirts, one part of pants, two pairs of shorts, three pairs of underwear) inside the packing cube backpack in packing cube form on my most recent trip, and there was still space for more inside of it.

    was your small zippered pouch empty when you packed the bag as a packing cube?

    would you mind sharing some pictures of your ruck's sac along with a packing list?

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      shiva, i need to reshoot this video, but it shows you the packing cube backpack and an earlier generation smart alec


        Hey Maverick: I wish I could shoot pictures; I shall try; I do not even possess a digital camera I am afraid!! I am such a computer geek, but have no fondness for digitals---I have an old manual Nikon!
        I shall certainly post a packing list. This is what I have in it:
        1. MacBook 13 in soft cell + power cord
        2. A small TB organizer pouch with basic medicines
        3. A second small TB organizer pouch with basic toiletry
        4. A Waterfield Designs gear pouch (pretty big) with my Garmin, my phone charger, IPod, miscellaneous cables.
        5. TB wallet attached to the front along with small moleskin, usual pens/pencils, altoids
        6. and this is the best: I managed to get in a half size TB packing cube with a change of exercise clothes in it.

        I am a petite size 10--so that helps too!

        Thanks a ton M for all your help. I think I am going to enjoy the Ruck!


          I'm using the Packing Cube Backpack inside of a Western Flyer right now, and it fits fine.. you just have to lay it on its side.. and then you have a little more room on the side of the Western Flyer for umbrella, jacket, what have you.


            Digital Camera Not Needed

            Shiva - You don't need a digital camera. Most photo processing places I know of produce developed negatives, prints and a CD containing the photos in digital form from the film given them. The CD also contains some simple viewing software.


              I just pre-packed as a test run using bundle method and here is what is zipped inside the Packing Cube Backpack as a packing cube:

              1 long sleeve shirt
              1 reversible t-shirt
              2 normal t-shirts
              1 pair slacks
              1 pair casual shorts
              1 pair cloth gym shorts

              5 pairs socks
              4 pairs underwear
              1 pair thin shower flip flops

              When I actually pack for the trip, I may throw in more underwear in lieu of having to wash. They should fit.