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Soft Cell for netbook?

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  • BPritchard
    The 6T size would be a good fit. See Brain cells.
    I selected this size for my new EGO bag to carry my Dell Mini 9. I may replace the Mini 9 in the future with a Dell Mini 12 or equivalent, so this gives me an upgrade path without having to purchase a new brain cell.

    As to the Toshiba netbook, I would look at it further to see if you can upgrade the memory. This is one reason I got the Mini 9 last Dec. Easy to replace memory. Netbooks are limited to 1 gig because of Microsoft constraints on XP Home.

    The 160 gig spinning drive is a waste on netbooks. I got the 16gig SSD and loaded it with Office 2007. Works fine with enough space for my purposes and boots quickly.

    Plan on loading Windows 7 sometime soon.

    My music files are on my 320gig Passport along with other files.

    Netbooks aren't laptop replacements but are great on trips for internet access and research.

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  • Beatriz
    started a topic Soft Cell for netbook?

    Soft Cell for netbook?

    I fell in love today with Toshiba's new netbook (Toshiba mini NB 205). However, a true TB addict, my first thought was "this will fit nicely in my large cafe bag" and my second thought was "Gee, I wonder if TB has a soft cell that would fit?"

    The computer is 10.4 x 7.6 x 1.3 inches and the battery juts out a bit from the back.

    Ideas on what size cell would work?