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Favorite under seat bag

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    Favorite under seat bag

    I'd like to know what you use for the smaller under seat bag. I don't travel much. Last time I flew I used my Swift. This year I want to bring my notebook and the brain cell won't fit in the Swift.

    For a quick day trip flight it's usually my Large Cafe Bag. Otherwise, my rarely more than half-full Brain Bag slides under the seat in front of me, very neatly. You gotta love those cinch straps... they make handling the Brain Bag a breeze!


      Brain Bag may be what I end up using. I wasn't sure it would fit but it sounds like cinched will work.



        a medium cafe bag or large cafe bag are usually what i carry along with the aeronaut or tri-star.

        the cafe bags fit nicely under the seat in front of you. if you're in an isle seat, these bags also can go in the overhead compartment without taking up much space and still be quite easily accessible.

        whether you carry the aeronaut or tri-star as a backup, a shoulder bag, or in your hand, you can wear the cafe bags easily in front of you.


          I just flew yesterday on a smaller regional jet and my Brain Bag fit under the seat in front of me. It wasn't completely stuffed, but it was mostly full.


            I flew two weeks ago on Southwest and used my Brain Bag as my under seat bag. Mostly full, and no problems getting it under the seat. Just tuck in your straps if you're on the aisle.

            I have also flown with my ID as the under-seat bag, also without trouble.
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              Brain Bag it is. It will hold my knitting and my brain cell. I haven't decided whether to check my Aeronaut or carry it on. Last time I carried it on the plane but still had to wait for luggage since those I traveled with checked all theirs.


                My BB fits well on regular American flights but once when I upgraded to first class I had some issues making it fit due to some odd configuration under the seat. I was very flustered but I managed. But for regular seating it seems to fit very well even when stuffed.
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                  Has anyone used an EGO on a flight? Should fit if not overstuffed.
                  Been there. Done that. Can't remember.