Hi all...

This is not about a Tom Bihn pack, but seemed like a good place to ask, since you all are good gear lovers (and I've already paid Tom my dues over the years, so I don't feel so bad asking :-) ).

I have an old Lowe backpack, and the seam at the bottom of the bag that is sewn to the belt, has ripped and pulled away from where it was sewed. Due to the way this was sewn, the bag body goes *into* the belt body, so there is no "other side" to the seam to strengthen. Just material coming down to the belt (with foam inside) and ending there.

Does anyone know the best way to fix this kind of thing quickly? I'm going on a trip soon, and want to patch it up so that it won't continue to ripe, most likely. I had thought of gluing some sticky ripstop nylon patches on both sides of the tear for now.

Any thoughts?

- Tim