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Super Ego, Ego impressions/experiences?

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    Super Ego, Ego impressions/experiences?


    I haven't posted in awhile, good to be back. I'm mulling over the Ego, and possibly the Super Ego bags, though the Super Ego is probably too big for my needs. Plus, I'm a short 5'5'', 130-140 lbs. I already have an ID, and a Large Cafe, so I really don't know why I'm thinking along the line of getting another TB bag.

    The info I found along with the pictures out there is pretty spotty, and I'd welcome some insights/pictures/videos of especially the Ego. What I'm looking for(always!) is a bag that can be used everyday. I'm trying to zero in on an everyday bag, that can also be utilized for overnight-1 week trips, and still be usable in tight, crowded conditions (I live in Asia). Anyway, I'm just curious.

    Is there any chance the Ego will be offered in Indigo in the future? Thanks!

    Dave in the wet Philippines

    hi dave,

    welcome back! i hope all is well!

    i have an ego messenger bag, and it is a pleasure to carry. it will hold more than your id messenger bag. actually, i'm always amazed at how much the ego will hold!

    i had created a quick video to demonstrate how to carry some photographic equipment as well as other other items inside of the ego. i've been meaning to create another video with the ego. let me know what you'd like to carry inside of your ego and i'll see if i can create a video demonstrating how you might pack those items.

    you may want to consider the q-am shoulder strap for your ego because it allows you to carry the ego very close against your back.

    let me know if you have any other questions.
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      Maverick, great video as always!

      In your Ego video linked above you mention another video about the Q-AM Strap. Do you have a link to that other video available?

      What kind of water bottle are you using in that Ego video? Is that one all aluminum? Looks like it could hold up a long time and be easy to clean.
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        Thanks Maverick, I knew I could count on you! As far as making a video showing what can be put into the Ego, I can't think of anything specific, so maybe I'll just follow along on the one you make. There is one thing...perhaps showing it being worn, might be a way of gauging the size.

        Like I said, I really don't know if I need a new bag..my wife would tell you definitely NOT!! With the way the ID is laid out, it's a two-edged sword, at least here in Asia. Shopping is one area I found problematic. There isn't a whole lot of room, especially if the main space is already full. It can fit a 9 roll pack of toilet paper though! So you're limited in space..however, I've found myself wishing I had something smaller many times on public transportation, especially on crowded jeepneys and/or tricycles here in the Philippines. I've even managed to knock over sales displays in narrow, small crowded stores with the ID.

        So, I got a Large Cafe...but now I wish for something a little bigger for carrying room, like for shopping. I like the vertical layout, and the pockets for organization.

        So, basically, I'm still all over the place. I sort of worry about the zippers at the top of the Ego. They seem to be pretty exposed, even the splash-proof ones Tom uses. Think "Asian style torrential downpour" It would be nice if they were covered by the flap.

        There is a difference between using the bag for commuting to school/work, going to the hotel from the airport, and using your bag everyday, for everything. I read on another forum it described as your "hanging out" bag.

        Could you see taking the Ego out with you to dinner, or the movies? How about using it on crowded public transportation?


          More questions on the Ego.

          Can somebody tell me how many O-rings the Ego has, and if a packed Ego fits the carry-on size requirement for airlines? Does it fit under a seat, or into the overhead? Thanks!


            A packed Ego would definitely be small enough to pass as a carry-on. In fact, I seem to recall a post or two regarding the Ego passing as a personal item! Yes to under the seat, and yes to overhead.

            # of O-rings: I count just the two, but that may have changed since I bought mine.


              The Ego was my first Tom Bihn bag, and is still my daily work bag (or briefcase). I love its style and functionality...lots of very useable space and pockets. Mine has the absolute strap with is a gift from God...very comfortable and easy to wear.

              That said, it is not a very large bag...certainly not (in my opinion) large enough to pack for a 1 week trip by itself.

              Love the Ego...looking forward to my next TB bag.


                Thanks for the help!

                Wow, thanks for that guys! That really helps!


                  As far as O-rings, mine has two in the main compartment and two in the back zippered compartment.


                    O Rings

                    I purchased little S Biners for each of the O Rings in my Ego. It may be an approximation, but I believe the Ego has a zillion O Rings, one for each pocket.

                    Ok, when I count more closely: It's 6.


                      Ego as Personal Item

                      Also I chose the Ego because it is the right size to be used as a personal item on the airlines I travel on most frequently Air Canada and Westjet.

                      Ego Dimensions:

                      Dimensions: 15.3 x 13.3 x 6.3" / 390mm x 340mm x 160mm

                      Air Canada Personal Item:

                      16cm x 33cm x 43cm (6in x 13in x 17in)

                      Westjet Personal Item:

                      43 cm x 16 cm x 33 cm (16.5 in x 6 in x 13 in)

                      So we are dealing with a .3" depth and height difference. I think in a soft pack back that is what is known as "wiggle room".

                      I haven't tried out my fully packed ego into the baggage measuring rack at the airport, but I will before my next flight.


                        Your spoiling me North Boy...

                        Thanks seriously for the info on the O-rings. I had figure around six. Hmmm. When I look at the Super Ego, I really think it's too big for what I need, plus the environment I'm in presently. I like the Absolute Shoulder Strap, that's what I have both my Large Cafe and ID on. I'm always finding the end in the way when I'm walking with the Q-AM Strap, although it's possible to get the bag on your back and out of the way that way. The EGO is just a little bigger than the ID? I'd have to brush up on my 'situational awareness' skills.

                        With a vertical layout, you can move the bag behind you going through a crowd, or a narrow, confined aisle. My ID tends to stick out and get in the way, especially if it's packed to the gills. I used to carry the Horizontal Freudian Slip with me everywhere, I don't now, to save space and weight. But I was out, and had it, and maybe a few small items in the main compartment, and my wife and her sister bought bread, and I couldn't fit it into the ID other open compartment. So I ended up having to carry it, and a few more things in plastic bags.

                        I know that what I'm looking for is a dichotomy ...On one hand, I'm looking for more room, even more organization, and on the other, less bulk, more stealth. I still have to think on it.


                          Hi: I know how hard it is to find a bag that is multipurpose. I travel home to India, and I too use public transport a lot and find it hard to navigate with standard sized US bags--which are "large" by most Asian standards! Have you thought of the Smart Alec at all? yes, it is a backpack, but it seems to have a cavernous interior and while shopping you could just carry it in front of you kangaroo style?! I would also look at the shopping bag..I love mine. I use it routinely to buy and carry groceries..it is open top, so it is a pain during the rain, but it works for most other times and it is compact to carry around in addition to another bag.


                            Thanks Shiva for the ideas. I'm trying to move and stay away from backpacks, and I really need something closed, ideally with a zipper(s) and flap.

                            When you go home, where do you go? There's a good sized Indian community here in Daraga, Albay. They run what Filipinos call 5/6 business, or money lending with some interest. They all are friendly! They are from Mumbai, Dehli, Bangalore.


                              Hey Bradford: I am from the South--from Chennai and Bangalore. Yes: there is a sizeable Indian population there...
                              Another thought would be the packing cube/shoulder bag --it is lightweight, will hold quite a bit and easy to clean out. And you can always attach a more heavyduty shoulder strap to it for weight distribution. The only other bags I know that might work would be "tote" style--and you can find some lightweight ones via Patagonia that do have zippers and close.