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o-ring in Synapse small pocket?

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    o-ring in Synapse small pocket?

    Hi, I've been using my Synapse for a couple weeks now and I love it. One small improvement I would find useful would be an o-ring in the small pocket. I keep my keys in that pocket and it would often be helpful to keep my house keys on a key strap.

    I was reading the description of the Synapse and I noticed that it says the small pocket does have an o-ring:

    Beneath the opening for the bottle pocket is another small zippered pocket: just deep enough for your keys and Swiss Army knife. One o-ring is in this pocket, and attached to it is the included 8" Key Strap.
    I've checked mine (several times) and there is no o-ring in my Synapse's small pocket. Should there be one there or is the description on the web page wrong?

    This is your lucky day. Unzip the pocket and pull the top of it back. There's an o-ring in the center, sewn into the fabric tape covering the seam.


      Hmm, I'm not seeing one there. Looks like mine slipped though the cracks.

      Guess it isn't my lucky day


        Hmm I'm not seeing one in mine either.


          i have an o-ring in my bottom pocket, and in each of the side pockets. my key strap came attached to the o-ring in the side pocket on the left (the one with the pen slots). i have no o-rings in the two front/center pockets.


            not in mine. I keep my keys there too... and the lack of the o-ring there is one of the few flaws in the bag.


              I've just checked all three Synapsi (Kelly, Indigo and Navy) I have in the house and none of them have an o-ring in that little pocket.

              I keep my keys in the ultrasuede pocket connected to the o-ring, and my mobile phone (cell phone) in the small pocket without the o-ring. My husband keeps glasses cleaning stuff in his small pocket.

              I suspect that this may have been a design change from the final prototype to the production model. That small pocket gets very tight with a big bottle in the water bottle pocket. Other changes (such as the ballistic on the back) are also not updated in the description.



                Hi, cromulent. I misread you—when you said "small pocket," I understood that as the bottom pocket. Sorry.
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                  Hey gmanedit, no problem at all. There are a lot of pockets in the Synapse, it's easy to confuse them.


                    I don't really see the need for one there... Often when one attaches things to o-rings, it's because it's easier to fish for them that way. With that small a pocket, it seems the only thing to attach would be a key strap... and not to make it easier to fish for the keys, but only to have the keys attached to the bag... and there are a lot of other options for that, IMO.

                    I keep my mints and glasses cleaning cloth in there. Keys stay in my pocket. (Although my key ring is not as... full... as most other folks'.)


                      I like to keep my keys in the same pocket so I always know where they are. If I leave my keys on a strap they're not going to end up somewhere else and I'm not going to be running around the house trying to find them. Ok, even with a strap I've managed to lose them but it's a lot less often when they're hooked to the bag.

                      I had found that the little front pocket is the best place in the bag for my keys. I tried putting them in the side pockets, but pulling them out often dragged out other things. My bottom pocket is already full and the main pocket is too large. If the water-bottle pocket had an o-ring I would use that, but it's o-less.

                      Falconea mentioned that she uses the ultrasuede pocket, and that's a good idea I hadn't considered. It may solve my problem.

                      But then what will I put in the small pocket...