I have a few questions about Tom Bihn's 3D Clear Organizer Cube. During past air flight excursions, I used an ordinary "ziploc" bag for the "3-1-1" toiletries. Having done so, I see the drawbacks of that approach.

1: Let's assume a Radar O'Reilly Duffel Disaster scenario occurs (Radar: "I think my tube of toothpaste opened somewhere down in there." Hawkeye: "Finally, he does his laundry!") Let's assume that some accident occurs, and one winds up spilling toothpaste or shampoo or some other scented goo all over the inside of one of these Cubes. How easy, or difficult, will it be to clean?

2: For frequent travelers who own and use a Cube for their 3-1-1 needs: what kind of maintenance do you do for your standard 3-1-1 "kit", and do you do any routine maintenance/cleaning on your Cube? If so, what?

3: Another question for frequent travelers / Cube owners: what kinds of vessels do you use to contain your 3-1-1 substances? What do you find works best?

4: And another question: do you carry your travel toothbrush and razor(s) in your Cube, or elsewhere? I stashed mine in the ziploc when I flew to Washington, DC in March.

5: Have any of you used similar packing kits from other makers like Red Oxx or Eagle Creek? What do you think the advantages are of the Bihn Cube?