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Question about the Ristretto

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    Question about the Ristretto

    Specifically, the iPad/Netbook one. In every picture with the flap closed, it appears that the main pocket is not fully covered by the flap; there is a small space on either side that appears to be open, which would make carrying it in the rain problematic. I don't have this issue with my ID because the main pocket zips closed, but as much as I'd love the smaller Ristretto for the iPad, this would be a dealbreaker.

    Are the pictures not telling the whole story, or is it really slightly open to the elements?


    I just got the iPad/Netbook Ristretto. The pad does not zip. However, with the way the flap tucks with my netbook in it, as well as the way the top flap comes over, it's a long, winding road for water to get in there. The seam where the side and the back of the bag come together is almost curved around the area, and I have to sort of pry my finger in to be able to see the opening.


      Tom carried the Ristretto everyday for months (he's now using a Zephyr) and didn't experience problems with rain getting under the flap - and if he did, he would have redesigned the bag. I've used a Cafe Bag for 8+ years, which has a similar flap design, and haven't had any rain get in the main compartment. Hope that helps!
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        Thanks for the responses, that helps a lot. Now I just have to decide whether I'm going to be conservative and get black/steel or wild and get black/wasabi. Yes, that's as wild as I get.