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Lining difference on Aeronaut Side Pockets?

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    Lining difference on Aeronaut Side Pockets?

    I notice that my steel/solar bag has the solar lining on both inner sides of the right side pocket (while looking at the bag straight on), while the left pocket only has the solar lining on the right inner side, leaving the left inner side unlined.

    (I hope that description isn't too confusing.)

    My question: Why was this design decision made? I know that these bags are very well refined, and that thought goes into each aspect of their design/construction. I'm just wondering what the "reason" is to make the two side pockets different from each other.

    Perhaps there's some obvious usage scenario I'm not thinking of at the moment?

    Hi Kevin,

    Good eye for detail. It's because one pocket is an easy access, open-top pocket, for unfettered access to maps etc.; the other is a zippered pocket for thing you might want more secure. An open-top pocket sort-of doesn't have an "inside" so we don't really line it - it's just more exterior fabric extended down inside the pocket.
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