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Aeronaut colors

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    Aeronaut colors

    I'll be getting an Aeronaut for our trip to Seattle this June. This will be my carryon. I'm thinking steel/solar. I like the steel color for an outside color. Mainly, because with solar on the inside, things may be easier to see on the inside.

    Would like your opinions on this combination.

    Thanks in advance.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

    I have it in steel and I really love it. I have the CheckPoint Flyer in Red (easy to keep an eye on when it is going through the TSA check, since it is my computer bag, the Tri-Star in the Blue and the the Aeronaut in the Grey. We are able to take all 3 when flying as a couple or a group and it makes it easy to spot and tell them apart from the other bags. It fits easily in the overhead bin of a 737, and the Tri-Star looks tiny up there compared to the other bags. They are SO easy to pull out because of the handles on the ends and middle.

    I think the most amazing thing is using it as a backpack. You would think that it would be painful when it is full because it is so large, but it is so well balanced and cushioned (as is the Tri-Star) that it can be heavy and I had no problem carrying that way through the airport. I have back problems, and I really barely felt it. It was much easier on me than a shoulder strap for long distances. And yes, I LOVE the solar interior, it DOES make finding things a LOT easier. I use the key straps to attach the pouches and I'm set.

    My advice is go for it!


      Thank you Seesul.
      Just wanted another opinion before I buy.

      Happy to hear the backpack options works well. My wife will have her wheeled carry-on and I have strap that will attach the aeronaut to the wheeled carry-on. This will make things easy while waiting for planes.
      Then I can backpack the aeronaut during bording.

      Question??? How quickly can the backpack straps be put in the holding area of the bag. I'm thinking of the time involved. When boarding, everyone is anxious to load their carry-ons.

      This doesn't affect my purchase of the bag, I'm just want other opinions on how fast the backpack straps can be stored.

      My wife's wheeled carry-on is new and is a 20" model. We have used larger carry-ons in the past, but I think the airlines are getting crankier about carry-on sizes.

      Our carry-ons mainly have toiletries, meds, and camera-electronic gear. Plus some extra clothes in case the check-ins are lost or delayed.
      Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


        Originally posted by BPritchard View Post
        How quickly can the backpack straps be put in the holding area of the bag. I'm thinking of the time involved. When boarding, everyone is anxious to load their carry-ons.
        Extremely quickly. You could do it while waiting on the jetway, or even just while walking down the aisle to your assigned seat on the plane. I'd estimate about 10 seconds, tops, from on your back, to having the straps completely stowed.


          Do you need to put the backpack straps away? Seems like a fiddly thing to be doing in a cramped aisle and with fellow pax getting irritated. Plus you'll have to unzip / reclip the two straps them if you want to backpack off the plane.


            I had no problem stowing the backpack straps quickly on a recent trip. I agree with Seesul, it's incredibly comfortable to carry as a backpack too. I didn't always put the straps away when putting my Aeronaut into the overhead compartment, and it seemed to be fine.

            BTW, I posted a review and packing list for my recent trip on my blog: http://lauragayle.com if that helps. My Aeronaut is also in steel with solar lining. Just ordered a Tri-Star (for shorter trips) in same color configuration. I can't say enough great things about the Aeronaut.
            Laura Gayle

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              I agree with the 10 seconds estimate. (But I normally don't bother to put them away when boarding.)
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