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Noob - Two Laptops, Not really getting the brain cell...

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    Noob - Two Laptops, Not really getting the brain cell...

    Okay so I'm looking for a shoulder bag, I typically carry two laptops (one standard size, one smaller tablet), one power supply, Bose headphones, a book and an assortment of other stuff (phone charger, USB hard driver etc).

    I think that what I am looking for would be similar to the traditional laptop bag but with two slots instead of one, I am struggling to understand the benefits of the brain cells. Sure I can see how they protech stuff but I don't throw my laptop bag around, I realize you could use one to tote your laptop around but that's what my bag is for... am I missing something here? Do I really need a padded bag for each laptop when they are inside another bag?

    I'd quite like to see a double brain cell with no flap/lid, almost like a laptop divider. it could even be collapsible when you aren't carrying two laptops. Is there anything like that?

    I want to arrive at security, unzip the top of my bag, lift out two laptops and off I go... ideally. Any help or guidance would be welcome.


    Checkpoint flyer may suit your needs. Your laptops wouldn't need to be removed. I'm assuming the tablet could go in the top section. All three sections could be laid out for TSA scanning.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


      hello chris!

      welcome to the forum!!

      you present an interesting idea. i think the closure at the top of a laptop sleeve, whether it's a brain cell or a cache, provides a level or protection should something drop into your bag.

      as far as the level of protection provided by the brain cell vs. cache, it's a trade off between protection and size. a brain cell for a given laptop is larger than the cache, but it provides an unparalleled level of protection. you give up that level of protection when you opt for the cache, but you get a more slender sleeve.

      you could do what you describe with two caches in a bag, one for the laptop and one for the tablet. the cache has a flap on top that opens quickly and with minimal effort, and the cache compresses easily if it is empty.

      depending on the size of your laptop, you could carry what you describe in the zephyr or empire builder.

      let me know if you have any questions.


        I want to be clear that I'm not trying to put down the brain cell idea, I think it's pretty cool but just not for me. I like to open my bag and be able to slide the laptops out, without opening a cell or a cache. I suppose the cache may work as I could take the whole thing out at security.

        The Empire builder looks almost ideal, I just wish there were two padded slots in the back of it, maybe two caches are the answer. I just don't expect to drop my laptop bag so I'm reluctant to give up the space as well as incur the cost of adding more protection, as long as they don't rub together I'm pretty happy.


          I feel ya on the bag inside a bag being a bit much for some. I opted to go for the slim vertical Cache to tote around my 15" MB. When I travel with my Aeronaut, I put the MB/Cache on top of the main compartment so I can quickly pop it out for security. For school, I carry the MB/Cache around in my Smart Alec, leaving lots of room for other goodies...

          Now what I really wish for... an elastic strap on the inside-back of my Smart Alec that would hold my Vertical Cache up against the back of the bag. I'm not looking to lock it in like the Brain Cell, but I think an elastic strap would go a long way in preventing the Cache from falling forward or bouncing while walking with a half full bag ...duh-dunk...duh-dunk...du-dunk...



            The Brain Cell (BC) does add a bit of bulk and weight, though not much. I have a Brain Bag (BB) with the horizontal BC. I've had this backpack combo for 10 years now and it's protected three different laptops over the years. All successfully.

            The BC is awesome since it's a hard sided case so when I load the second compartment with power cables, books, lunch, 20 oz sodas, more books, my flannel shirt that it's now to hot to wear, still more books, etc. the laptop doesn't get poked inside the other compartment; the BC takes the punishment.

            It really depends on whether or not your laptop bag (or backpack) has padding built in. The BB does not so the BC is necessary. It's also super convenient to be able to pull it out of the BB and take my machine to meeting after meeting without having to hold it in my hands.