I'm looking to get my Dad a new briefcase this year and need help picking one. I'm primarily debating between the Empire Builder and the Checkpoint Flyer.

He travels a handful of times a year and hates having to take his laptop out of the bag but I also want a bag for him that is a great everyday briefcase.

Daily he usually caries his laptop (15in PC computer), a few files, maybe a small book or two, charger for computer, and some pens and misc. little things. Some times he leaves the laptop at home or the office.

My question is on the Checkpoint Flyer is it easy to get into and out of for daily use? What about how easy it is to carry if not bringing the computer? Say going to a meeting but don't need the laptop?

When traveling he would put pretty much his everyday stuff in his briefcase plus maybe a book or movie for the plane and a water bottle (empty till after security).

Thanks for the thoughts.