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I need to buy a new travel bag for longer trips.

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    I need to buy a new travel bag for longer trips.

    I have been a proud owner of a Large Cafe Bag for some time. I use it to carry all of the junk that I need to schlep around on a daily basis. I also own an Empire Builder which I have not been using much lately.

    My current quandary is that I need a new bag for traveling. Not necessarily a carry-on, I have a very nice one that my wife got me a few years ago. I use that for short trips of a day or three. What I need now is something for longer trips. Up until a couple of days ago I used a big duffle bag with wheels on one end. However, it finally bit the dust.

    So, what does the group suggest for a replacement? I need something that can hold a week's worth of clothes, and the usual other stuff that you need to bring along when you go traveling. The bag doesn't need to be small enough for a carryon, though if possible, that would be great.


    All TB bags are carry-ons.

    For maximum flexibility (clothes and the "usual other stuff"), the Aeronaut—a suitcase with compartments—plus Absolute strap. I don't have special travel clothes, and winter clothes can be bulky.


      My suggestion would be the Aeronaut.

      It is the biggest bag in the Tom Bihn line, is designed to be a carry-on on most U.S domestic airlines.

      It is roomy, easy to pack and extremely rugged, you can check it if you so desire.

      The next size bag is the Tristar, to me, it is more like a mix between a briefcase and a travel bag because of all its organizing pockets.

      An even slicker business travel solution is the Checkpoint Flyer, a checkpoint friendly briefcase and travel bag combo.

      I have an Aeronaute and I can tell you that it is a really roomy and extremely well constructed bag.

      Here is the link to Tom Bihn travel bags, so that you see them and check their dimensions and design.

      TOM BIHN has been designing and making travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks since 1972. The best materials and innovative construction.

      Below is the link to customers reviews of Tom Bihn bags on Tom Bihn's blog.

      Aeronaut reviews

      You might also want to read forum members reviews of Tom Bihn bags in that link.

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        TB bags are great (I own several) and if you are looking for a bag without wheels, the Aeronaut is ideal, especially for casual clothing. Business clothing is a bit problematic with the Aeronaut, but it can be done. An alternative to the Aeronaut would be the Air Boss (RedOxx.com) -it a bit easier to pack business clothing but can be bulgy when full. If you need/want wheels, eBags Mother Lode TLS wheeled duffles are really nice and come in a variety of sizes from carry-on to check-thru. They are well constructed, reasonably priced, and are very flexible in how they can be packed.


          I have both an Aeronaut, Tri-Star and Western Flyer. I would go for the Tri-Star because of it's great design and comfortable size, still with a lot of room and will be suitable for a week.