Hi there

I've just stumbled across Tom Bihn bags and am totally amazed. I've been looking for a laptop bag for my 19" laptop and haven't really found anything made of ... the right stuff. Until now.

I'm thinking about getting the Super Ego with a 2XL Horizontal Brain Cell. Hopefully that'll provide more than enough protection. But I am unsure about which strap to get? I had originally planned on getting both and just swapping them as required. However, From looking at the pics I don't think thats actually possible. Can anyone here advise?

Also, which is more preferable? I'm most likely to be using the bag just to commute to work .. in my car. So I was initially drawn to the absolute strap, especially as I am a but of a kit freak and will pack a kitchen sink if I could. But I also like the bag to be tight to the body ... dilemma time.

Anyhoo, I can't wait to get my order started. I just need to iron out the details.