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Pouches or Snake Charmer???

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    Pouches or Snake Charmer???

    Hi everyone! I'm new here to the TB forums. I've been lurking for a few weeks and recently ordered the Indigo Checkpoint Flyer, with the 3D packing cube as a 3-1-1 accessory and horizontal Freudian Slip. The Flyer is on backorder until early next month & I can't wait to get it!

    I'm a real "gadget geek" and have more cables & power adapters/supplies than I should admit to having! The bigger point to my O/C gadget fetish is the need to take everything with me when I travel (be it to work everyday or business travel or vacation) I won't even elaborate on my bigger fetish for bags!!!

    I'm torn between using a Snake Charmer for these gadget cables & accessories plus my iPod or if I should go the way of the various pouches. I like the "all in one" approach of the Snake Charmer, but I like the ability to clip the pouches to the Flyer internal rings to save space in the bag. I'm also concerned about whether the Snake Charmer will add too much bulk to the Flyer and if the pouches well suited to things like power adapters, external battery supplies, etc.

    Can any of you here with experience using these 2 types of accessories provide any inputs or lessons learned? I really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance!

    For me it is Pouches all the way.

    I use a color coding system of Pouches to keep track of various things.

    Gadgets in padded Pouches and their respective power supplies are packed in the same bag but the power has usually no housing. I like to squeeze the power cord in a small space. together in the

    Instead of a Snake Charmer , for 3 D or bulky items, I use color coded Kits and I plan to add more 3D packing cubes in different colors.

    I also use Clear Yarn Stuff Sacks which are perfect when I need to squeeze one more stuff in my Brain Bag or My Large Cafe Bag and it is time to go to the airport.

    I also own a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, which serves as a cable tamer when I travel by car.

    I choose them over the Snake Charmer because they are solid or clear instead of mesh.


      Thanks for that feedback & perspective, backpack. What are the color coded kits you refer to?


        I believe backpack refers to Kits:



          Thank you for the picture, bltkmt, I have 1 Kit in Steel, 1 in Black and 2 in a discontinued color.

          I plan to add a couple in Indigo.

          They are perfect for bulky items, they have splash proof zippers and are so beautiful and unique, well... I love them.

          I clip a key strap on the zipper, if I want to secure one on an O ring.


            thanks for clarifying. What is about the mesh of the Snake Charmer that you don't like?


              Originally posted by 93terp View Post
              thanks for clarifying. What is about the mesh of the Snake Charmer that you don't like?
              I always prefer solid or clear fabrics instead of mesh, it is just a personal preference.

              The mesh in the front pocket of my Brain Bags is very nice and soft and doesn't catch on anything unlike some mesh "things" like mesh laundry bags, I have used before.

              When I ordered my first Brain Bag, I loved the idea of the Snake Charmer, something to tame cables and miscellaneous.
              But, I waited until the Clear Quarter Cube was invented then ordered one, I also ordered multiple Kits then a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag and a Backpack Packing Cube for the Aeronaut then a 3D packing Cube.

              Using color or shape or both, I can remember where I packed what, extremely quickly, even if my brain is not at his optimum functioning capacity.
              A lifesaver when I have to get dressed up the minute I get to my hotel room (weddings) or I want my comfort clothes to settle in for the evening after a long flight, car trip or day with stressful errands a plenty.

              I have been traveling in many modes of transportation ever since I was a tot.
              Discovering Tom Bihn organizing Pouches and Cubes has been a revelation because Color and Shape coding is exactly the way my organizing brain function.


                I find the Snake Charmer to be an amazing bag, and perfect for holding lots of little electronic accessories in one place. It can hold cables, memory cards, mints, spare batteries, chargers, and nearly anything else -- including a 3-in-1 plug expander w/mini-extension cord and a Titanium Spork.

                The beauty of the mesh design is that you can clearly see everything on both sides of the Snake Charmer, and it naturally collapses to use only the amount of space necessary. If you pack it full, it'll take on a full shape. But if you only put a few things in it, it'll naturally fall flat and take up considerably less space.

                I keep my Snake Charmer pretty full, and have never had a problem finding things in there. It pulls out of my bag (usually a Smart Alec) easily, and everything I need is right there.

                I also use Tom Bihn's Organizer Pouches, though for smaller and less bulkier things. (Pocket change, business cards, folded documents, etc.)
                Aeronaut (Original in Hunter Green), Aeronaut 30 (Forest), Smart Alec (Hunter Green), Pilot (Forest), Co-Pilot (Coyote), Synapse 25 (Black Dyneema), Two Large Shop Bags (Iberian and Steel), Passport Pouch (Iberian), Two Travel Trays (Solar stays in the Aeronaut, Iberian stays home), more than a dozen accessories.


                  I almost picked up a snake charmer but I am going to try a large pouch for my next trip. What I won't like about the pouch is it's desire to stay flat coupled with a plug or charge that wants to stick out. If all my chargers had the prongs that slide down this wouldn't be a big deal but I just don't like the idea of the plug sticking out against the pouch (no real reason for this - just preference).

                  What I do want is something that allows me to see the contents. It should help cut down on searches when you can see inside the bag before opening it. I hate checking pockets or bags over and over again when trying to find something.

                  You didn't ask but my strategy for this kind of thing may be different. I prefer to use a pouch or bag for cables and chargers that I know won't be needed except when it's time to go to bed and I want to set everything to charge for the next day. So my goal is to put only the things that I won't need during the day. The only exception would be a car charger for the phone or gps. The theory being that I have less chances to lose something if I only use it once a day. Plus I only even need to find the item once a day if I do it this way.
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                    Another good option is the CableGuy over at Waterfield Designs...I have two of them and they are very well thought out.


                      I love my Snake Charmer and my pouches. I keep all of my power-bricks (laptop, cell phone, etc.) in the snake charmer and love how it swallows them all up. As for adding too much extra bulk, it's only as bulky as you fill it :-)

                      The organizers lie nice and flat, so I tend to use them for nice flat things.

                      Either way, you won't go wrong.


                        wow, thanks to all for the great feedback!

                        You've definately given me some food for thought. I received my Checkpoint Flyer a few days ago & so far am loving it! I think that I'm leaning towards a combination of the Snake Charmer for the "bulky stuff" and pouches for cables/non-bulky stuff.


                          That's what I do with my Brain Bag setup: pouch it all up, then into the Snake Charmer it goes. Great way to organize.


                            How much of what you carry is is cables? I have the Snake Charmer, clear organizer pouches (see view "L" for cable and power cords in medium pouch), clear quarter packing cubes, 3D clear organizer cubes, kits, and padded organizer pouches. If you're carrying lots of sprawly cables, then the Snake Charmer is a good choice, especially with large backpacks such as the Brain Bag as Karl J described. If I'm going for more modular packing in other bags, with more electronic components, then I'll use the clear quarter packing cubes (a handy size for laptop disks) or the smaller 3 D clear organizer cubes. These work better if I want to distribute items in different pouches/bags, and they give more depth than flat pouches, but also can also be clipped to O-Rings in bags. And you can also use small pouches inside them, and take out color-coded pouches for specific items and clip them to your bags, as well. The clear quarter packing cube is also clear on either side of a central divider, similar to the divided arrangement of the Snake Charmer (with clear urethane, instead of mesh walls). In my Synapse backpack, the Kit fits very nicely at the top.

                            It really depends on the sizes and shapes of your other bags, as well as what kind of gadgets you carry, what will work best for you. I originally order the 3D clear packing cube as a 3-1-1 organizer, but then I found that once I arrived I tended to evict toiletries so that I could use this case to hold power bricks and other items. So I just ordered more of the 3D clear packing cubes to use for electronics in their own right. Mouse over view "i" gives you some impression, but there really aren't many photos showing these used that way.

                            Also, if at some time you consider getting any of the padded cases for electronics, don't forget that there are also the square sized versions that are sized for the Macbook Air superdrives. If you hav lots of sprawly cables, and want the extra length, then the Snake Charmer is the way to go.



                              moriond, thanks for the in-depth food for thought! I do have the 3D clear organizer cube that I originally bought for 3-1-1 use, but I can see where TSA may throw a tizzy as "it's not a zip lock bag" (I have had similar experiences using other clear quart size bages that weren't "zip lock brand", but advertised as TSA approved. Go figure.). I may try that out for electronic "accessories".

                              But I also just ordered several different size & material pouches since I can clip these to the O-rings in my Checkpoint Flyer. I bought the padded pouches for my iPad classic & digital camera; the clear wallet for cash/credit cards; and some clear pouches for Apple USB cables & other USB cables for things like digital cameras, etc...I guess my only concern at this point is what is the best option for things like iPod/iPad/iPhone charging bricks, laptop (non-Apple) power supplies, and a wireless mouse? They are a little "fatter" than what would fit in a pouch, unless the pictures don't do the pouches justice.

                              On a completely unrelated note, my 3D clear organizer cube has the new more "rubbery" clear plastic & I really like it.