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Confused about Smart Alec color.

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    Confused about Smart Alec color.

    So I keep bouncing back and forth over the colors for the Smart Alec I'm going to be getting. On several review sites the smart Alec I thought was the Black/Steel/Solar is listed as the Black/Back option. The pictures listed on the order page show that Black/Steel/Solar looks almost like a light silver, while the Black/Black/Steel looks like a very dark grey. I can't seem to find any pictures online of Black/Black/Steel so I'm pretty confused. Does anybody have some links or pics to the Black/Black option?

    Is the Smart Alec in this thread the Steel or the Black?

    Thanks for the help guys.

    It's the steel.


      In person you will definitely notice a difference between these two colors. Tom Bihn's black color is absolutely black, you will not be able to confuse it with any other color regardless of the light.


        I think the "steel" in black/black/steel is the interior so anything you see on the outside is going to be black. The link you showed is definitely black/steel. The sample you see on the product page appears to be edited which is why the black/black may not look totally black.
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          Thanks guys. To make things more confusing some of the review sites are listing the steel/black/solar model as the "All black" model.

          I'm pretty torn between the two just because I really, really like the solar interior. I'm trying to find any images of the black/black/steel, but can't seem to find any. Does anyone have an idea where I can find some?


            I have the Steel with the solar interior on the Smart Alec--and it is absolutely gorgeous. The Steel has a sheen and texture to it that is more visible than the black, I feel; and it is a great professional color without being the usual black either!


              I think the black/black detail picture shows an artifact of the lighting; the Cordura and ballistic reflect the light differently. In real life, it's black all over.

              Since you really, really like the solar interior and seem to like the steel and black panels equally, might as well go with what you really, really like.


                Originally posted by PGSanta View Post
                I'm pretty torn between the two just because I really, really like the solar interior.
                There's your answer. Buy the black/steel/solar. I dislike steel as a lining intensely - for me it is just too dark. The Solar makes it easy to find things in the bag.

                Your other option is to buy both, and return the one you like less.