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Will the Horizontal 4Z Brain Cell fit in a Brain Bag?

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    Will the Horizontal 4Z Brain Cell fit in a Brain Bag?

    Just curious if the Horizontal 4Z Brain Cell can fit in a Brain Bag? I don't mind if it's a little tight, I just want to know if it will fit at all. I know most people will just say to use the Vertical 4Z, but I have a couple reasons for wanting to stick with the Horizontal:

    - I have a Super Ego too, so it'd be great if I could use the Brain Cell with both the Super Ego and the Brain Bag.
    - I like the mesh pocket on the front of my old horizontal brain cell because it's big enough to hold papers (which is nice for when I'm carrying the Brain Cell by itself). The large mesh pocket on the vertical brain cell doesn't look big enough to hold any papers. Anyone know if regular sized papers will fit in the large pocket on a vertical 4Z?
    - Finally, the Vertical 4Z is out of stock until late August, and I need something before then, since I start school in early August.



    Apologies that we weren't able to respond to this thread before school started! I hope you emailed or called us directly and that your question was answered.

    Since you asked your question, the Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell has returned to stock. I'd definitely recommend it over the Horizontal: the 4X, predecessor to the 4Z, was just shy of being too tight of a fit in the Brain Bag. The 4Z, in our opinion, is definitely too wide to be a comfortable fit in the Brain Bag.

    Regardless, I hope you found a solution that is working!
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