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Super Ego or Empire Builder?

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    Super Ego or Empire Builder?

    Good morning, All.

    (in advance - i realize this is probably a heavily discussed topic here.. i searched a bit, but didnt find specific answers to my questions).

    I was recommended Tom Bihn by a friend, who swears by his bag.

    I currently carry a sever-year-old Jansport "messenger bag", which I like, but its getting old. It also looks a little "young" for my tastes.

    The bag i currently have is 17x13x? ... and the size is pretty good.

    Here is what i need:

    -i rarely carry my laptop, but when traveling, the bag will need to carry one.
    -i like pockets, organizers, etc!
    -i really like the "roll-aboard" feature of the Empire Builder. I guess its not available on the Super Ego?
    -My bag mainly carries a portfolio with work and personal files, assorted personal items - cell charger, little first aid kit, extra contact lenses, etc.

    So .. which bag is for me?

    If i can simplify things .... it seems like the empire builder is a more "structured" bag?

    My husband has had his EB for some time now and loves it. In fact, it goes to work with him each day. The situation changes each day for him so he may or may not have a laptop, always has files and misc. items including the usual "office" type things. I could not pry this bag from his clutches for even a day (I offered to let him use my Ego!!) to try it out and I HAD to purchase my own. LOVE IT!! I carry a 16" laptop plus oodles of files, pens, pencils, my lunch -- that's just the main compartment.

    The EB is structured and I love that for work -- very easy to locate what I need quickly.

    My Ego will become a camera bag - maybe - if Tom and his wonderful crew will release the camera bag insert soon??!!??!!
    Ego in Black, Steel, Wasabi, Empire Builder in Black, Black, Sapphire (Husband), 2 Brain Cells (Black), 2 Medium Cafe Bags - 1 in Black, Wasabi & 1 in Navy, Cayenne, 2 Large Cafe bags w/Absolute Straps - 1 in Linen, Olive and 1 in Cocoa, Wasabi, Guardian Dual Function Light & Lots of pouches!


      Is it good enough protection for the laptop in the Empire Builder, or is a Brain Cell recommended to have as well? I don't need special protection for my laptop beyond the usual.


        Thanks for the replies, folks.

        I really like the EB.

        Are there any pictures around of a black/black/wasabi EB ??


          Originally posted by jostber View Post
          Is it good enough protection for the laptop in the Empire Builder, or is a Brain Cell recommended to have as well? I don't need special protection for my laptop beyond the usual.
          The brain cell is extra insurance against any possible hard knocks - as Murphy knows.

          Also, the absolute strap is worth the extra coin for comfort.
          Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


            As a Super Ego owner, I say don't count it out. There's a briefcase with CAPACITY!

            One thing the Empire Builder and Zephyr have that the Ego, ID and Super Ego do not: a main compartment specially constructed for file folders. If those file folders light your fire, then that's the way to go.

            I went with the Super Ego because I considered it to be the less expensive big-briefcase-option. Naturally, I ordered mine with the Horizontal Freudian Slip and a Brain Cell for my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I am extremely satisfied with the Super Ego. You can see images of me with my briefcase in this thread.
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              Im a college student and planning on going studying abroad and ordered and empire builder. I already have an Brain cell and absolute strap so amd really looking forward to my order


                any last words before i order an EB?


                  Go for it!

                  Based on what you want the bag for, the EB will be fine.

                  Remember, you can always return the bag if it doesn't work for you.
                  Been there. Done that. Can't remember.