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    Marbenais: great pictures of the Co-Pilot.
    Can you tell me what you have in there?
    I am trying to decide between the CoPilot or an Imago as a gift for someone.


    Between the two bags, I can fit more into the Imago -- it does have a bigger volume -- and it's more flexible in terms of the adjustable buckle allowing more stuff to be crammed in, the zippers of the Co-Pilot do prevent overpacking.

    In the main compartment, I have a sketchbook (8.5" x 11", regular US size), a notebook (White Lines A5 size), a medium padded organizer pouch with my headset for work, a pen/pencil clear organizer pouch with my bamboo reusable cutlery (AWESOME stuff), and . . . assorted mini & small organizer pouches with random things. And usually a mass market paperback. And sometimes a very light sweater (okay, I'm a women's small, I can fit a sweater in anything). What can I say, I'm very prone to overstuffing . . .
    A filled 3D clear organizer cube will fit in each of the pockets in the main compartment and in each of the front compartments, with room for more items on top. It's the best fit for all pockets of the Co-Pilot.
    I have a Nalgene 20oz water bottle in the water bottle compartment. It had a Tom Bihn sticker on it until I got the bottle soaking wet and the sticker disintegrated. I'm going to put a new one on & cover it with clear packing tape this time!

    If I don't have the sketchbook, I can cram in my 12.1" PowerBook in the main compartment in the NeoCase from RadTech. I love this little laptop :-) Over five years old & still working!

    I wish I could do side-by-side comparisons of the Co-Pilot & the Imago, but my Plum/Olive Imago is with my girlfriend for the summer while she travels. I did order a Black/Steel Co-Pilot recently -- the Indigo/Solar one was the only one available for my trips in June, so I got that one, but the Indigo, while gorgeous, is brighter than I like for daily use. I'm going to give the Indigo one to my father for his birthday (sshh!) & use the Black one for myself.


      Hey there: thank you for letting me know.
      I do have an Imago--and I love it. That is my every day bag, and I find it very convenient for most things. Folks have been going back and forth about some tweeks with the Co-Pilot--it seems that if it can carry some file size folders that would make it really useful; although I suppose it is not meant for that--but really as "airplane carry on." In general, I like bags that can be multipurpose rather than "use specific." For that reason, I like the Imago---it serves as a computer bag when needed; a handy second bag where I can also put in packing cube with clothes; a gym bag when I require it.

      The fact that it does not have a dedicated water bottle space does not bother me.


        I got my Co-Pilot last week and found that, if I cut the tab off of the top, an 8-1/2 x 11 manila file folder it will fit in the main compartment(barely). Of course, that's no good if you're planning on actually filing the file and want to keep the tab! I mainly want it to corral a few papers and offer a little protection to them. I was a bit dissappointed that it wouldn't hold my plastic file folders which are much sturdier, but I can live with it.
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          Hey all: I am a bit confused; cos the latest reviewer on the Blog says it can hold papers and documents, and even a 12 inch notebook--so not sure why it will not then hold a simple letter size plastic folder. I love TB products; I am a relative newbie--just got to know them for 2 years, and have my fair share of their stuff.
          I just hope that Tom continues to develop products carefully the way he has always done; and not go the way of so many others---developing lots of new products that do not really serve any particular purpose.
          For me the Co_Pilot would be a great carry on for flights, especially for those who do not already have an Imago or a Cafe Bag--and it would seem that holding a letter size folder of some sort would be great and thoughtful; as the slash zipper pocket in the back. Just my thoughts! I hope TB will consider tweaking some of this.
          It seems that they used to ask for feedback on product design before it went public; maybe they do.
          thanks as always for great forum members, and for good products. I had to go suitcase hunting last week for some friends, and really went "ouch" most of the time!


            I think the difference is that the main compartment can hold letter-size folders & notebooks, but the open back slash pocket is just a tiny bit too narrow for them (especially when the main compartment is full).


              Ok, since several people said file folders DO fit in the main compartment of the Co-Pilot, I decided to try a little harder with my plastic folder (which doesn't have a labeling tab on top). What I found was that, just putting it in there, it seemed too tall to be able to zip it up, but, with a little manuevering, it will zip. The corners of the folder might get a little warped over time - it's a pretty tight fit. Anyway, I think it will work.
              Owner of TriStar (aubergine/steel), Founders Briefcase (navy/steel), Aeronaut (crimson/steel), Absolute Strap, Co-Pilot (steel/solar), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/sapphire), Imago (navy/cork/wasabi),Horizontal Freudian Slip, Snake Charmer (steel), Wallet (olive), Side Effect (olive), asst pouches and cubes.