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    I have just used every single bag I own to transport some of my family essential things during an interstate move.

    Here are some of my findings.

    Bags from various manufacturers from no name to high priced brand bring on anxiety about zippers and fabric reliability as well as faulty design (bulky bags heavy enough to use as workout equipment which have no room to store a significant amout of things)

    In contrast, Tom Bihn bags, even packed to the gill, perform beautifully, help with organization because of their array of colors and are really tough.

    My ever present Pouches and the Cafe Bags and Backpack Packing Cube for Aeronaut that hold them have already received compliments in my new city.

    I am proud to own and recommend Tom Bihn offerings and creations.

    Nothing beats durability and innovation when it comes to any product or service.

    After using them during 3 moves and countless trips from the grocery store to multistates trips, I love Tom Bihn products even more.

    I don't mind waiting for innovative products as long as Tom think R&D is necessary.

    I have only been a Tom Bihn customer for 4 almost 5 years.

    The company and a handful of fountain pens manufacturers are the only ones I can recommend wholeheartedly.

    I resent the comparaison with the Redmond company whose "innovations" include vaporwares, a faulty OS, swiss cheese "security" and such a level of sophistication that anything remotely more complicated than basic use requires a third party sofware provider.

    Maverick is right when he says:"perfection takes time"

    Owning a Tom Bihn product is like eating organic, local food; it is more expensive but it tastes and looks so much better and is good for one's health.

    Fast food and mass produced goods are not good for the planet nor the users. What happens to mass produced bags which fail after a year of school use? They end up in the landfill.

    We know from Tom Bihn bags owners that the lifespan of a Tom Bihn bag is at least two decades.
    At the time of the first designs fabric technology was not as sophisticated as it is now, I believe my bags will last a lifetime and I will most probably be able to pass them on.

    PS: Large Pouches make great minimalist briefcases


      I have been reading this thread with some interest. I think, for me, Tom Bihn as a company represents a different philosophy towards "commercialism" altogether--so it is NOT just about design and perfection: it is also about production, marketing, employment practice, environment and usage, and a whole bunch of other things. From what little I have seen of them, they remind me of how Patagonia used to be almost 20 + years ago. I
      used to love Patagonia cos of their overall company philosophy: make a few products; make form follow function; and be minimalist overall: if one bag can do multiple jobs, then one needs fewer of them and there is less waste.

      Over the decades, I have watched that change and they started to belt out products --like software updates. And I do believe their designs have suffered; as well as their quality. A garment bag (The Burrito suiter) that I bought 15 plus years ago is still there and has endured countless trips. If we buy fewer things and products last forever, then it does mean that somewhere in all of this, the business has to be "worthwhile." After all, they are in the business of making products but also making a living.

      So in the marketplace of commercialism, it is not always possible I suppose to balance "money making" with "product integrity." The reason we have so many different versions or updates is fundamentally a $$ motive; not a design one.

      Sorry for the soap box: but I do hope that TB will continue to hang on to its design philosophy, and not go the way of others. I would rather they made 4 bags than 20 of them.



        Backpack -

        That isn't the complaint, quality and the perfection of the product is not what I was referring. The complaint that DCLawyer and I echoed was the announcements to preorder, or constant chatter about a new product that is pulled prior to the previously set expectation.

        In the two years that I have been following TB forums and less than a year after selecting TB over RedOxx I have seen continuous references to new products that are coming soon complete with pre-order expectations.

        January 2010
        April 2010
        June 2010

        Are three examples where Field Journal, Parental Unit, etc were given moving dates for completeness.

        May 2009 for Camera Insert: here is an example of the Camera Insert from over a year ago.
        Update: Camera Insert
        Many of you are emailing or calling us to ask for updates on the new camera insert that Tom is designing. Here's the latest: the design is completed, parts have been ordered, and we'll have the first sample to photograph in 3-4 weeks, at which point the insert will be available for pre-order. Stay tuned!
        darcy | 13 May 2009 3:41 pm | New Bags |

        Small business or not (happen to be in PD and grew-up/worked professionally in a local, family owned business) such promises and failure to deliver have costs. I am a bit of a TB Fanboy, I rave about my Aeronaut. I also have deferred buying the Gator as my Diaper/Camera bag but my patience is waning.

        My suggestion was more in line with the updates to the Co-Pilot, Western Flyer and Aeronaut of recent... Iterative updates to the design (tie downs; pocket for rolling luggage).

        If the products were perfect to begin with, there would be no need to make any more changes. You cannot account for every user scenario prior to a launch. Tastes and needs change over time. Yes, I expect my Aeronaut to last several decades of great use. I recognize that TB products are a great investment...I wouldn't be spending time on this forum if I didn't feel that to be true.

        I just ask that the expectations for new products being delivered are fair and can be met, at least Darcy and Co are quick to communicate and provide new expectations and an explanations. Many companies shy away from owning this type of communication.


        regarding "commercialism" aka consumerism. I don't disagree. I'm not advocating our throw-it-away culture at all... Just implying that the dev cycles could be sped up a bit ... "Don't make the Perfect, the enemy of the good." --- there is nothing perfect.

        BTW - Darcy, Tom and others ... I am appreciative of the situation you are in from a communication perspective. I'm not trying to destroy an ego's or damage careers...just to provide constructive feedback. These new product updates are a 'little' frustrating...


          Over the top marketing efforts set a high expectation that must always be met!

          Before I retired, after 40 years in technology project management, I was ALWAYS careful to set an expectation that I was 95% sure I could successfully meet, rather than jerk senior management and staff developers around...this rule meant a lot less stress in my life.
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            This thread has become way more interesting than I anticipated. I certainly agree with itlnparrot's points.

            I'd like to add a couple of points: I don't expect perfection. In my opinion, the perfect bag (or anything else) doesn't exist. I appreciate a well made and durable product. I don't expect to use a bag for 20 years. Not because a TB bag won't last that long but because what we want in a bag changes over time. We now want key tethers, places for laptops, iPhones, iPads, 3-1-1 bags etc etc. The world will keep turning and what I want to carry and how I want to carry it will change over time. This to me is not a bad thing. It's just how things are. I want a bag that will stand up well to frequent use in real world travel but I don't expect to use it for 20 years.

            The candid exchange of views here is refreshing and speaks well of TB customers and Darcy too .


              Have any of you visited the factory? It isn't large, and it's being slammed with massive orders for iPad bags and other bags after they get prominent publicity on on-line blogs etc. My guess is that Tom is spending time behind a sewing machine trying to keep up with delivery deadlines and not actually designing.

              For all your comments about timeliness, consider that when a product page says "will ship by Mid-August" they in my experience ALWAYS get it out sooner than that.

              The only other option is to outsouce the manufacture of the most popular bags to another factory. We all want our TB bags to continue being made in Seattle, don't we, and not in China?



                Tom creates new designs or makes updates to current designs as the design inspiration strikes him or as he sees fit. That's going to remain the same.

                I think most people want to know what is on Tom's design list. We know that we enjoy sharing the creative process with all of you. Part of the new website design that we're working on will include a page that is a list of the designs that Tom is working on - without availability dates. (I know you will appreciate this, gmanedit!

                We can keep our targeted pre-order dates internal until the webpage for the new bag debuts and pre-order is actually possible, if that's what the majority of people would prefer.
                Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                  Originally posted by Darcy View Post
                  We can keep our targeted pre-order dates internal until the webpage for the new bag debuts and pre-order is actually possible, if that's what the majority of people would prefer.
                  Tightening the lips may make for smoother sailing… that’s just my opinion.

                  The forum and the blog seem to be outlets of reliable information, even more so if one checks them regularly or subscribes to the newsfeed. Amazingly though not surprisingly, there are still posts that pop up asking “if anybody has heard anything about _____.” This strikes me as amusing since even if there were someone who “knew” something, it would also be reasonable to assume they couldn’t disclose it or it wasn’t official.

                  My primary concern is the possibility of all the impatience, speculation, and idle curiosity causing a distraction to the development and manufacturing process (I mildly sense that may have been the case bringing the Synapse to reality). It speaks volumes to me that there is a process where new products are evaluated in a real world environment with an eye toward the quality and performance you specify before presenting the final product.
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                    I have gotten used to the date slippage, so I don't mind the ETAs. It's frustrating when the dates change—especially when it can be a matter of years—but, perversely, I've come to enjoy it; I can hear the groans across the forum. I might not feel this way if I were a photographer holding off buying a camera bag, but then again, I would be using something as a camera bag. I might not have bought a Smart Alec if the Synapse had come out first, but it didn't.

                    For me, what it comes down to is TB is a one-man shop. All the ideas, sketches, models come from Tom; he doesn't farm it out. As we might say in my former workplace, he is the bottleneck. (There, I was the bottleneck. Nothing went out that I hadn't signed off on.) Add to that, sourcing all the materials and findings, and scheduling production runs.

                    Maybe there should be another forum category, for upcoming designs and all the "How's that diaper bag coming along?" posts. People who feel they're being teased by estimated dates could avoid it.


                      Originally posted by KarlJ View Post
                      My primary concern is the possibility of all the impatience, speculation, and idle curiosity causing a distraction to the development and manufacturing process (I mildly sense that may have been the case bringing the Synapse to reality). It speaks volumes to me that there is a process where new products are evaluated in a real world environment with an eye toward the quality and performance you specify before presenting the final product.
                      I second this. Tom and his team have been doing a stellar job in desiging and making the bags. We don't want to be detroying that now.

                      Personally I would love to know what Tom is working on and to be able to see the prototypes. It just adds to the whole TB community. As for the release dates .. I'm a firm believer in "it'll be done when its done". If it takes a long time for the perfect product ... well the computing world waited 6 years for half-life 2 to be released! I bought TB for the product quality, not the name (mainly because I never heard of TB till a month ago!)