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Flat, flask style water bottle for Ristretto

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    Flat, flask style water bottle for Ristretto

    So the Ristretto is flat and tall and I though hmm a flask style water bottle would be perfect, something flat and rectangle shaped right. So I have searched, and searched and search and I can not find anything.

    I do not want anything that resembles a liquor flask and I thought I found the one when I found the Sigg Flask bottle, but sadly there discontinued (agains searched and searched for a vendor to no luck).

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    I've used a Platypus brand collapsible water bottle for years now (two different kinds) and luv-luv-luv them! They're great for any kind of travel because, really, only the water takes up room - once it's gone, you can roll them up or flatten them completely and they store in a tiny amount of space.

    The absolutely only drawback I've ever encountered is that sometimes strangers do a double-take cuz they think you might be drinkin' from an IV bag. /:~\ (people can be stoodip.) Otherwise, couldn't recommend it more!

    ~ hb33 ~
    "To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee" ... and a Cork Swift, Forest/Cork Imago, Coyote/Steel LS, Black Buzz, Wasabi and Black SSBs, LSBs in every color, YSSs in every color and size, coupla 3DCOCs, all the KTPs, and countless OPs. ~ apologies to Emily Dickinson.


      Awesome, just bought two of them thanks much!


        Oh many thanks for posting this link! That sounds like it might be perfect for me as well!


          for what its worth, Nalgele also makes a flask style bottle.