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Western Flyer -- backpack straps or no

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    Western Flyer -- backpack straps or no

    I just received my Western Flyer yesterday and, as I'd thought, it seems perfect for the numerous 1- or 2-night trips I take during the year. I can see it getting lots and lots of use. I ordered the backpack straps version because they've come in so handy on my Aeronaut over the years and I figured the same would be the case with the Western Flyer. But now that I have it, I'm not sure how often I'd use them. I think most of the time I'll use the absolute strap or the carry handle.

    So my question is this: Would it be smart to get the other version with the back pockets instead? How much lighter is it -- is it even noticeable? And does not having the backpack straps and receptacles inside give you any additional room for packing, or is the difference negligible? I'm not sure I'd exchange just for the back pockets (because the straps are great to have as an option), but if the weight/space is noticeably different, I might.

    Thanks for any input.

    Keep straps

    I would keep the straps. They are nice to have in case you need them.
    As on the Aeronuat, the storage space can be used for flat items, such as a newspaper, magazine.

    Plus, there are luggage accessories that allow attaching a bag to a roller bag handle.
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      The only issue that I have had with the backpack straps is that the connectors add some stiffness to the corners of the large back compartment and at times I have felt that this stiffness has limited the capacity of the back wall to expand, forcing more bulging into the front compartment than necessary. It is a minor issue and has only come up when I am trying to really stuff the bag full. It has come up most often when I have traveled with my Brain Cell in the bag and I just haven't been able to fill the back compartment to the corners, which limits my ability to put clothes back there with the brain cell. Of course, they have come in extremely useful at times. I have actually been toying with the idea of getting a second WF without the backpack straps, (because why not?) but haven't been able to justify it yet.
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