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Ghost Whale options - what are handle loop and key strap?

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    Ghost Whale options - what are handle loop and key strap?

    I'm new to the Tom Bihn ecosystem, so please forgive my dumb questions. I want to buy a Ghost Whale pouch, but I can't figure out the extra options. The photos on the page show what I'm guessing is the "key strap" which is a loop of fabric with an o-ring and snap hook. I don't want that included, so if I set the "key strap" option to no thanks, will I get just the pouch without that bit? I didn't see a photo of anything that looked like a handle loop on a Ghost Whale, but there are a lot of photos of other items that have strap-like things. I just want to make sure the "handle loop" isn't the o-ring or its fabric loop. Finally, is that snap hook part fixed or removable from the o-ring?


    Welcome, bootsmctoots! Not dumb questions a’tall. The Key Strap and Handle Loop are extras; if you don’t want those, just leave the option on “No Thanks”. The snap hook on the Ghost Whale is not removable.


      Thanks, Wanderlust77

      So that o-ring and clip is not the extra, it's a standard and non-removable part of the Ghost Whale?


        Hi bootsmctoots
        Welcome to the forums. To answer your questions, yes you can order just a Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch without a keystrap, and that’s generally what I do, I’ll point you to the Blog page that introduced the Handle Loop:
        That page shows a Handle Loop with an O-ring at the end, so the Snaphook at the corner of the Pouch (a Clear Organizer Wallet in the picture that I excerpt here) can clip onto the O-ring end of the Handle Loop, and you can use the Handle Loop as a Wristlet.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTtXTwvJBn5ueT_0tmvEnwoVR0n4b4wthtiDA&s.jpg Views:	0 Size:	6.1 KB ID:	330848
        For the Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch, the correct option is the Handle Loop With O-Ring end

        I don’t usually use the Handle Loop with my Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches, but it’s more commonly used with slightly larger pouches that are not as large as the A5 GWOP..

        The best closeup image of the Snap hook and its action that I’ve seen is in the (old) Tom Bihn Organizer Pouches 101 video from 2016

        It’s pretty long (over 8 minutes), but about 20 seconds into the clip, there’s a view of the way the ball joint connection of the snap hook can move around, There are also pictures of how the snap hook ends of pouches can clip directly to O-rings, or to the end of a keystrap (with either an O-ring or a newer split-ring end). You can skip over most of the rest of video unless you want to see more types of pouches (some of which have been retired).

        It is possible to remove the the snaphook end by cutting or breaking off the small shaft to the ball head of the snaphook. (This is where you want to look at the detailed video view of the snaphook end). You’d mainly do this if you were going to carry a Super Mini or Mini sized GWOP in your pocket, and this possibility is mentioned near the end of @maverick’s 2019 video on the Tom BIHN Super Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch

        But this option is not detachable; once you cut or snap off the connection to the ball joint to the snaphook connector part, you can’t use its ability to flexibly rotate. You’re just left with a miniature size O-ring at the end.



        So that o-ring and clip is not the extra, it's a standard and non-removable part of the Ghost Whale?
        Yes, unless you break off the clip part you can’t detach it,
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          moriond That clears it up. The last video is the exact use case I was going for: the super mini as a wallet, so I wanted to see if there was a version minus the clip. Sounds like I'll have to do some MacGyvering and remove the extra parts myself. Thanks for the help!