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Not a "Key Strap", but a "O-ring Stap"?

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    Not a "Key Strap", but a "O-ring Stap"?

    No idea if you have already evaluated it long time ago, for me it's a new thing at least. :-)

    The Key Strap, but instead of two carabiners one of them is an o-ring.
    Think it might be quite good for "extending" the o-ring in the bags, and also makes it a bit
    better than clipping two carabiners into each other (in case of the pouches etc).

    Good or bad idea?

    I like the idea of extending the straps ... would it not be easier for TB to make a longer strap??

    BUt I do like the idea. I find the longer key strap just a tad too short to be effective for my uses. A short and long key strap bound together works just right.


      Longer ones would also be nice, with an o-ring option of course. :-)
      My mother used three 8" Key Straps for her RFID ticket, in an clear organizer pouch.
      (I gave her a 16" to make it less bulky)

      The "o-ring strap" can be used for extending and also to clip on other stuff that might be better to clip directly into an o-ring.
      Carabiner clipping into a carabiner is not optimal, so I think an o-ring would be better.


        I see your point. I would definately use the O-ring for items that are more permanent than a set of keys.

        Of course, this would be a TB O-ring so I wonder if it'll be more than just a circular ring of metal .....


          The Shoulder Strap for the Side Effect fits the bill, if an O ring was added to the end of one of the clips, you get an "O Ring Long Strap".


            I was just thinking about this idea, and I see I wasn't alone!

            I would love to see a Key Strap with an O- or D-ring attached to one end. Folks attach multiple pouches to the snaphook of the Key Stap now, but it seems so crowded (at least to me!). I worked around it by attaching a Cabone Ring I found in the knitting/macrame section at Michaels. This works, but is still less than ideal. Pictured below is the 0.75 in. ring.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Oring_2.JPG
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Name:	Oring_1.JPG
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            This daisy chain is a little long and not as sleek as if the Key Strap had a Ring attached. It's the same design choice when the Handle Loop was made with both the Snaphook and the O-ring. The Handle Loop with the Snaphook would have been "good enough" for all situation, but it so much nicer in some combinations to have the O-ring instead.


              I was thinking of the same keystrap! We have 2 Handle Loops.2 Key Strap options wouldn't be difficult to sew.I'd buy a few to go with my Pilot order


                No reason you couldn't cut off one hook and thread a stainless steel split ring (keyring) on there in its place.


                  Here is a really good solution from a previous post: http://forums.tombihn.com/customer-p...plit-ring.html


                    Originally posted by gonty View Post
                    No reason you couldn't cut off one hook and thread a stainless steel split ring (keyring) on there in its place.
                    True, but I have a difficult time "damaging" the original designs. I just don't think I could do it!

                    Thanks for the link, Miking. That's a product I'd like to buy!


                      A great suggestion! Why not do BOTH? Sew an O-ring AND the clip together at each end (slightly larger fabric loop to secure both).

                      This would give people more flexibility in daisy-chaining items AND would also provide some options in length, since the O-rings are about 1" shorter than the clips.

                      Price of the straps would only increase slightly due to the low cost of the O-rings plus a tad bit more cloth and sewing...


                      Alternately, Tom could approach the guys who manufacture his clips and ask them to make a clip that has the O-ring built into its swivel base, if he doesn't want to change the sewing patterns.