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Monster Truck middle pocket dimensions

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    Monster Truck middle pocket dimensions

    What are the dimensions for the middle pocket on the Monster Truck? I want to use one as a rollerblade bag but they need to fit!

    Also curious about middle dimensions on the Truck and pickup for other reasons I suppose. The site lists overall dimensions only (unless I missed it - I might have!!)

    Hi @BowTek
    Originally posted by caesg View Post
    dimension info, provided by staff member Kat in response to my chat query: Thanks for writing to us at TOM BIHN! The Middle sections on both Trucks can be a little flexible, as you can 'over pack' them, and take a bit of room from either side pocket. However, the general size of the regular Truck is 9" w x 12.5" h x 11" d, while the Monster Truck is 10.5" w x 12.5" h x 12.5" d.
    There was also some discussion of this in the Truck compartment widths? thread started by x3n0n on 06-14-2019, and that quoted @pammy’s post of Kat’s comment on the Truck
    Originally posted by pammy View Post
    For those of you who are interested in the dimensions of the Truck, I emailed the TB Crew and this is the very prompt reply from the ever efficient and helpful Kat:
    "The center pocket can somewhat bulge out, but the overall dimensions will remain about in a 10" (side to side) x 9" (front to back) shape at maximum. That being said, the outer pockets can be overpacked and have a little more extra space that take away from that main compartment if needed, and are roughly 4" w x 9" depth.
    The center section of the Pick-Up Truck is about 6.5” x 6.5” x 9.7” (my rough estimate) and the front pocket will easily hold an iPad Mini, but the sides can swell into the adjacent side pockets. I suggest that you take a look at the pictures in The Truck family thread started by @Christina on 12-02-2

    For the Pick-Up Truck, Walker asked whether the Large Travel Tray, nominally 8” diameter, could fit in the center section, and the answer is yes, because both are flexible, but looking through the uploaded photos will give you a better impression.

    You might want to start a separate thread asking about carrying rollerblades in the Truck or Monster Truck. The only recent query about a bag for rollerblades asked about using the Synapse: Synapse 19 as a roller skating bag? (08-08-2020 @nessagr):

    This was generally dismissed as not being a good fit.

    If you want to see a much earlier packup using an Aeronaut, see the 12-09-2012 thread by MLW Aeronaut as roller derby gear bag

    I’ll excerpt a photo:
    Click image for larger version

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      Hey thanks!

      Looks like I was right about the Truck being too small (your dimensions confirm that) but I'm still planning to get one of those for a separate workout bag.

      But your link to the info on the Monster Truck means it's actually going to work for me for the rollerblades. I've measured them! I didn't really want an enclosed bag with a zipper, etc. for this as it's just something that I toss things into and out of in the back of my car. Sometimes I stop off at the trails to ride after work. I don't know why I prefer to have an open bag, but happy to know the Monster will work!

      Thank you so much
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